Prevent fraud, detect risk, and investigate crime with powerful online investigation software

Bring key content together to connect the facts and provide intelligent analytics through one solution with CLEAR, a public records technology tool

Providing businesses and professionals with the data and connections that deliver results

Be confident in your decisions with access to CLEAR's current and trusted data

Move investigations forward confidently through a vast collection of public and proprietary records. Access exclusive data feeds, quality domestic data, and incarceration records with source transparency and frequent updates, all in a single platform.

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Easily analyze your subject's connections

Locate hard-to-find information and quickly identify potential concerns and connections to determine if further analysis is needed. Easily connect information about people, businesses, assets, affiliations, and other vital content.

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Advanced statistical AI machine learning

Reduce the amount of searching with CLEAR’s powerful entity resolution capabilities. Close investigations faster by overcoming partial and incomplete data and scoring relationships by confidence level.

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CLEAR powers corporate and government professionals throughout their investigation workflows

Financial services

Conduct enhanced due diligence (EDD) on clients and business partners. Comprehensive information is provided to help with your investigation process.

Law enforcement

Quickly identify victims and persons of interest through current and historical content. Simplify your search, view connections, and zero in on the insights most important to your investigation.


Improve your validation process and gain insights to easily identify, understand, and resolve fraudulent transactions.

Child and family services

Locate individuals who are not making mandatory payments and increase the amount collected in unpaid child support by closing more cases.


Perform know-your-vendor processes, supply chain risk management, and due diligence on new and existing business partners to safeguard your company from potential risky and fraudulent vendors.


Prevent fraud, detect patterns, streamline investigations, and help recover funds with sophisticated analytics and comprehensive data.

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"CLEAR is like the picture on the puzzle box. It gives me that clear picture I need to put all the pieces together."

Samantha Eriks
Investigator, Child Support Division, Prosecutor’s Office, Lake County, Indiana

“When I conduct an investigation, and I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, I always start with CLEAR.”

Theresa Mack
Senior Manager of Investigations, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

"CLEAR is what gave us the starting point. All we really had was that email, an IP address, and an open WI-FI at the hospital which anybody could use."

John Peirce
Davis County Detective