Case preparation and presentation

Deliver secure, easy access to case materials in the cloud

Upload, review, mark-up and present digital cases in a single cloud repository. Send and share case materials from any device, keeping everyone in sync as they prepare for a hearing. In a hearing, purpose-built presentation tools streamline proceedings so you can direct everyone to the right document in real time. You can use the platform alongside any conferencing tool giving you greater flexibility to collaborate at any stage of the case.  


A unique set of case preparation and presentation features

The platform, powered by CaseLines, gives you the tools to organize, share, review and present documentary and multimedia case materials in a single cloud-based repository.


All files uploaded are automatically indexed and fully searchable. In a single browser you can view case documents, PDFs, images and multimedia.


Provide access to case materials according to permissions. Easily locate key case materials, add notes, redact and mark exhibits.


Direct others to the right page with purpose-built presentation tools that allow you to present documents and multimedia within the browser.

What we’re hearing is people like it, they enjoy it. They understand it. They’re wondering why we hadn’t done it before. And they’re wondering how they can use this technology in other jurisdictions… This program provides continued access to justice for all."
Judge Victor Villarreal
Presides over Webb County Court-at-Law II

It has completely transformed the ways in which I work. It has undoubtedly made me considerably more efficient and it has meant that I’ve been able to deal with more cases than I would have done previously. It is a practical, easy-to-use tool, which gives you everything you had before and a very considerable number of additional benefits."
Lord Justice Fulford
Vice-President Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

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