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Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions and AU10TIX

Tackle evolving risk and fraud issues

Thomson Reuters and AU10TIX have partnered to provide customers with end-to-end identity verification, authentication, and fraud prevention services. Now you can easily verify and authenticate identities across public records, confirm the legitimacy of identity documents, and authenticate that the individual presenting the identity is actually them.

  • 52 billion
    Dollars lost due to identity fraud in 2021
  • 27 million
    Consumers affected by identity fraud in 2021
  • 7 billion
    Dollars lost due to new account fraud in 2021

What’s in it for you?

Quickly onboard customers

Accelerate new customer onboarding by automating identity verification and fraud prevention processes.

Comply with regulations

Utilize various identity verification and authentication methods to help meet local and federal regulations.

Prevent risk and fraud

Access sophisticated tools to reveal synthetic identities, suspicious characters, and fraudulent individuals.

Uncover synthetic identities and authenticate documents

Authenticate the front and back of document IDs with AU10TIX technology that's capable of scanning thousands of document types in regional languages from over 190 countries. Over 110 forgery tests are performed as part of this authentication.

Looking for a second line of defense? AU10TIX INSTINCT checks documents and data against a repository of publicly exposed documents. Machine learning is also used to examine anomalies, such as variable combinations of ID images and content elements to help reveal synthetic identities, deep fakes, and fraud.

Biometric authentication and manual fraud reviews

AU10TIX performs face-to-face comparisons between selfies and ID documents. Active and passive face liveness tests are conducted to ensure that the identity being verified is linked to the individual submitting the request for authentication.

Need to add another level of security? AU10TIX DOUBLECHECK offers manual reviews by their trained personnel in sensitive situations and for verifying unclassified documents.

Public records verification and risk assessment

Easily confirm that the identity of a person or business exists using CLEAR ID Confirm. Simply enter the information you have on your subject of interest and the proprietary technology will automatically compare the information you entered against comprehensive data sources to confirm whether an identity exists.

Add an additional layer of protection by risk scoring your subjects. CLEAR Risk Inform reveals whether persons or businesses appear to be a synthetic identity, have multiple aliases, or are connected to fraud.

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*Javelin 2022 Identity Fraud Study: The Virtual Battleground
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