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Understand state insurance regulatory requirements and generate compliant notices

Insurance compliance

Insurance organizations of all types and sizes must manage a constantly shifting regulatory environment in every jurisdiction where they operate. Heightened regulatory scrutiny and an increase in the frequency and complexity of rule changes can prove to be challenging. With Thomson Reuters Oden Policy Terminator and Oden Online, you can confidently manage your compliance efforts.

Key benefits

Ensure compliance

Oden Online provides clear and concise summaries of state and federal rules on several topics, from licensing to claims for all major lines of insurance. Policy Terminator generates notices that adhere to state rules for property and casualty policies, reducing the risk of and preventing market-conduct fines.

Increase efficiency

Use Oden Online to bypass the cumbersome process of reading and digesting every insurance statute, regulation, and bulletin to understand your requirements. Policy Terminator lets you generate a compliant notice without doing any of your own research. Just enter the policy information and let Oden take care of the rest.

Reduce costs

Oden Online customers decrease operational overhead through increased efficiency in quickly locating answers to complex compliance questions. Automating the generation of compliant notices using Policy Terminator’s rule base helps in reducing the cost and complexity of designing, developing, and maintaining your own rule-based notice generation engine.

How Thomson Reuters Oden Online works

Oden Online is an easy to navigate reference library that provides clear and concise topical summaries and explanations of important insurance mandates, both state and federal.

Select a topic and jurisdiction, then review summarized rules

Oden Online offers a broad range of insurance statues, regulations, and bulletins, providing answers for any day-to-day compliance questions. Summaries promote a deeper understanding of the issues and improve comprehension of statutory and regulatory language.

Compare a specific rule across multiple states

Create custom multijurisdictional charts from any information found in our summaries so you can quickly compare regulatory requirements for a few or all jurisdictions.

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How Oden Policy Terminator works

With Policy Terminator you can confidently create compliant notices to send to insureds and other relevant parties. Policy Terminator is a knowledge-based program that automatically generates compliant notices of cancellation, nonrenewal, conditional renewal, and other related notices.

Upload or enter policy information

Policy Terminator dynamically assembles compliance notices depending on the criteria, such as policy type, the action being taken, and the reason for that action. With this information, Policy Terminator determines the appropriate notice content in the format required by the applicable jurisdiction.

Generate and print notices

Policy Terminator calculates essential notice elements, such as advance days’ notice, mail lead time, and mailing requirements. You can generate notices for commercial and personal lines in all 50 U.S. states, and the District of Columbia.

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See Thomson Reuters Oden in action

The best way to understand what Thomson Reuters Oden can do for your compliance efforts is to see it first hand. Submit the form and one of our experts will contact you to schedule a demonstration of Thomson Reuters Oden.