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What’s new in 3E

Delivering flexibility, greater connectivity, and a path to modernization

Discover the latest enhancements in 3E 

3E is the leading solution for helping law firms worldwide boost performance and connect all critical areas of operations. Now with the latest updates in 3E 3.0, you can drive your business to achieve more efficient and responsive operations and greater profitability today and into the future. We’ve added many enhancements to meet your firm’s evolving needs, including expanded flexibility, extended configurability options, and enhanced time management functionality. In addition, 3E 3.0 delivers new cloud modules, allowing you to unlock the full power of 3E Cloud at your own pace.

Extended configurability

3E 3.0 is full of expanded configuration options so you can easily tailor the solution to meet your exact needs. Now you can gain greater control over the conflicts processes and functions, keep users more informed and productive, leverage out-of-the box options for data loading, and much more.

Enhanced time management

Time management becomes even more efficient and accurate with floating timers, in-line editing, the easy viewing of errors and warnings, and more.

The new Floating Timers feature keeps the timer always available on the desktop. Now fee earners can easily start, stop, and edit their timers without interrupting their work to switch programs.

Unparalleled productivity across your entire firm

From billing to finance to intake and conflicts, we’ve made extensive enhancements that provide even more value to your teams. A few highlights include:

  • A GL Chart of Accounts configuration wizard saves time and speeds implementation
  • New configurable NBI workflow and greater conflict search capabilities reduce costs and save time
  • Ability to submit invoices with their attachments directly from 3E through continued 3E and eBillingHub integration 
  • Increased flexibility of 3E Templates helps support common customer needs
  • 3E Data Insights provides new reporting content to provide key information around supervising fee earner
  • Monthly releases continually provide enhancements and updates to the user interface based on customer feedback

Greater connectivity with APIs

Get the most out of your solution by easily connecting the functionality and systems you use daily. Our robust set of 3E APIs provide discrete communication points between 3E and Thomson Reuters and third-party applications that we closely monitor to ensure constant connectivity.


Move to the cloud at your own pace. 3E 3.0 delivers new cloud modules and a modular architecture that allows you to modernize in phases. We offer six cloud-based modules that work with 3E Core on-premises.

Available cloud-based modules

  • 3E Templates
  • 3E Data Insights
  • 3E Paperless Proforma (available July 2021)
  • 3E Time
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Advanced Financial Reporting (available Q3-2021)

Learn how 3E 3.0 can benefit your firm today.

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