White paper

Becoming the firm where millennials want to work

While millennials became the largest single generation in the American workforce in 2016, the distribution of talent was not equitable across all industries. Enrollment in law schools has been on the decline every year since 2010, with 2018 showing the only uptick during that time—and only a modest one at that.

This trend has left law firms looking to secure their futures with top millennial attorneys somewhat short on prospects and in a fierce recruiting battle. Firms that hope to hire one must embrace the unique culture and preferences that have defined this generation of ambitious, motivated and dedicated professionals.

To find out how, read our white paper “How to become a law firm where millennials want to work.” In it, you will learn valuable insights on what firms can do to position themselves as a preferred employer for top millennial talent, including:

  • Why the competition for millennial lawyers is so fierce
  • Understanding millennial culture
  • Millennials’ preferences around work arrangements, technology and sustainability
  • Steps firms can take right now

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