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Time-saving benefits of 3E provide full ROI plus more

Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C. find the ultimate business management solution

For the past 4 decades, Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C. (SGR) has built a reputation for quality, value, creativity, and strength. The firm’s lawyers put their clients’ needs at the forefront of their minds and work tirelessly to achieve their objectives. For this reason, SGR is consistently ranked as one of the best law firms in America.

SGR considers itself to essentially be a one-stop shop for all legal needs, and the firm takes the same approach when it comes to technology. To keep matters simple, the firm operates using a single integrated solution for the entire practice—3E® from Thomson Reuters. As a complete enterprise business management solution, 3E equips the firm with all of the tools it needs to foster growth, maximize performance, and embrace change.

In 2008, the firm’s decision makers were fearlessly confident in their choice to become one of the first-ever firms to invest in 3E. Seeking a replacement for an outdated system that “could barely scratch the surface” in terms of what was needed to optimize firm performance, the firm’s Assistant Controller Anthony Piacentini saw something truly unique in the innovative, web-based solution.

“Right off the bat, it was obvious that 3E was the only system of its kind,” says Piacentini. “We like to keep processes simple and streamlined at our firm, so the fact that this innovative platform had all the components we needed from A-to-Z, without any add-ons required, truly blew our minds. It fits with the ethos of our company.”

Nearly 10 years and three major upgrades later, all of the firm’s data resides within the flexible solution, which leaves no room for error. In fact, Piacentini and the firm’s Project Manager Amy Fuchs say that the benefits of 3E are even better now than they were initially, as the firm continues to uncover time- and cost-saving advantages.

“There are plenty of tasks that would require twice as much time, if not more, to accomplish previously,” notes Piacentini. “Through the time-saving advantages of 3E, we have been able to save more money than we spent on the initial investment.”

“Many firms struggle and even fail to achieve what we can do in five minutes with 3E, and there is no risk,” states Fuchs. “What more could we ask for?”

Easy and effective capabilities

On any given day, all of the firm’s activities are managed through 3E, many of which are automated. Without having to lift a finger, ledgers are balanced, bills are sent, and time is tracked minute by minute—all of which would have required a considerable amount of manual effort previously.

What Fuchs has found to be most helpful through her use of 3E is the reporting and inquiry functionality. With the previous system, her team would have to generate 10 or more reports for the firm’s managing partners at the end of each month. Now, 2 reports are needed at most, and because they are presented digitally, they include real-time reporting.

“This means that we are never waiting for any information to be posted and that we can be confident that the numbers we are seeing are as accurate as they can be,” comments Piacentini.

The intuitive interface also makes it easy for Fuchs and Piacentini to navigate their way to the exact information needed. Fuchs recalls hearing about other firms having as many as 4 different systems and teams to run a single report, but with 3E, any individual can produce the month end reports with ease.

“Any data we could possibly need, we can pull up with the touch of our fingers in 3E,” emphasizes Fuchs. “Being able to quickly run reports—and with a reduced margin of error—has had a major impact on our productivity. This has given us and our clients added confidence in our business.”

Having such data readily available has also provided great advantages when it comes to client service. Lawyers can effortlessly provide clients with matter updates at a moment’s notice, while billers can send digital statements instantly via email.

“With 3E, our fee earners’ valuable time is no longer consumed by mundane tasks,” states Piacentini. “Through more efficient processes, we are better able to focus on delivering excellent service to our clients.”

Spreading the word about 3E

As one of the longest-standing 3E users, SGR has become a “3E super advocate,” speaking frequently with prospective clients that want to better understand the system’s benefits and make sure it is the right investment for their firms.

A major benefit that Piacentini commonly points out to those considering 3E is how the system’s maintenance requires such a low overhead and headcount. The web-based interface eliminates the need for a dedicated server room and a full-time support team. In fact, the firm was able to disperse responsibilities for 3E among just 6 of its employees.

“The way we balance the management of 3E at our firm makes the process faster, and it also allows our staff to be multi-faceted, so they can be responsible for more than just one aspect of the business,” Piacentini explains. “Additionally, we have never had to hire a temp because if someone is out of the office, there is always another employee that is ready to step in.”

The bottom line, according to Fuchs and Piacentini, is that 3E really is an all-in-one solution that is embraced by the entire firm.

“Our technology team is a highly intelligent, savvy group that stays up to date on the latest advancements the industry has to offer, and we advocate for 3E because it continues to top the charts,” says Fuchs.

“We would not be willing to put our firm’s reputation on the line in recommending 3E if we didn’t wholeheartedly support its full capabilities,” Piacentini concludes.

Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C.

Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C. represents business and commercial law clients nationally and internationally. Its clients benefit from the significant resources of more than 60 lawyers working collaboratively in more than 20 areas of law.

Firm overview

Business Challenges

Needing to replace an out-of-date business management solution, the firm sought a single system to manage the full breadth of its practice.

Why 3E?

3E connects all critical areas of a business to streamline tasks and provide timely and accurate business information, while its advanced architecture drives operational efficiency and grows with each firm.


• Fully integrated solution provides one-stop shop to manage the practice of law

• Automated processes save time and cut costs while reducing risk of error

• Advanced reporting capabilities provide consolidated and real-time results

• Maintenance required minimal overhead and headcount.

Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C. was interviewed in November 2017

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