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Law firm management

3E Cloud

Thomson Reuters 3E Cloud offers enterprise-wide solutions for law firms to improve scalability, reduce costs, and drive long-term efficiency and growth from anywhere

Manage and grow your organization with 3E Cloud

Get scalability, security, and flexibility with 3E Cloud, built on the industry standard Microsoft® Azure® platform. Bring unmatched financial management technology of 3E wherever you go with the first financial management solution for large and mid-sized law firms offered in the cloud.

Discover your firm’s full potential with 3E Cloud

Prioritize scalability/infrastructure, security and faster ROI before the others.


Significantly decrease infrastructure costs by eliminating your investment in hardware, software, and the ongoing maintenance required for an on-premises solution.


Flexible server space automatically adapts to accommodate peaks in your firm's activity, preventing performance issues and system down-time.

Speed to implement

Replacing the purchase and setup of physical hardware with automated provisioning in Azure allows your firm to get up and running more quickly.

Automated upgrades

Real-time system updates ensure you receive immediate benefit from the newest product features and functionality.


Industry-leading Microsoft security provides physical and digital protection and the encryption of client information.

Managed services

Thomson Reuters is responsible for ensuring product uptime and access, relieving these tasks from your internal IT team.

Why 3E Cloud is the right solution for your firm

Finance and practice management

Cloud-based law firm operations are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. Law firms everywhere are realizing the benefits that subscription-based cloud applications can provide, including improved scalability, cost savings, and faster ROI. As part of our commitment to providing our clients with the latest technology, Thomson Reuters is excited to offer 3E Cloud.

We will always be on the newest technology. We no longer have to manage on-premise servers, upgrades and product fixes. It provides us a marketing advantage. We’re able to tell our clients and potential clients we are using the newest technology by the industry leader in law firm accounting packages.
Get started with 3E Cloud

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