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3E Paperless Proforma

Thomson Reuters 3E Paperless Proforma helps you reduce the chance of human error, speed the pre-billing process, and get invoices out the door faster.

Improve your firm’s financial management time cycle with 3E Paperless Proforma

An intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark-up solution, Paperless Proforma provides sophisticated auditing, tracking, filtering, and reporting capabilities.

Monitor the pre-bill process with at-a-glance viewing of fee earner productivity and report status. View top-level statistics on open, submitted, and archived pre-bills to stay on top of productivity and profitability across the entire firm. In addition, the web-based interface lets on-the-go lawyers make changes online and send them back to accounting instantly.

Key benefits of 3E Paperless Proforma

Time saving

Streamline and expedite the review process for improved cash flow.

  • Pre-bill data is acquired from 3E and becomes readily available for the billing lawyer
  • On-screen edit process ensures edits and instructions are both readable and implemented accurately
  • Fee earners are able to defer pre-bills directly to archives, reducing the steps in the process and reducing accounting’s workload
  • Integration with eBillingHub® allows users to validate for e-billing errors that might cause bills to be rejected, and correct them on the spot


Reduce paper usage and costs within the pre-bill workflow.

  • Interface mirrors traditional paper pre-bills, making the system easy to learn and use


Increase productivity with filtering, reporting, and scenario calculations features.

  • Unique productivity features help improve firm performance
  • Fee earners can run different scenario calculations to achieve the correct balance in compliance with the firm’s billing policies
  • Users can filter and group pre-bill work lists by date, status, clients, dollar amount, and much more


Expand productivity and profitability with a wide range of pre-built reports for managerial review and analysis.

  • The number of pre-bill reports and the total financial value per fee earner in the firm can be monitored
  • Reporting capabilities allow you to drill down into the details of specific pre-bills to learn who the owner is and its status


Superior flexibility backed by configurable workflows, enables the solution to work the way your firm works.

  • Built-in, configurable, and automatic approval routing
  • Administrative staff can easily switch between fee earner profiles without entering and exiting the system
  • Sophisticated collaboration features, allowing fee earners to work together (either parallel or sequential) at the matter level
  • Review proformas securely while out of the office without transporting confidential, printed documents
Experience 3E Paperless Proforma

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