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Persona-based visual analytics

3E Data Insights

A powerful way to transform, analyze, and visualize data

Create stunning reports with interactive data visualizations

3E Data Insights can help your firm create actionable insights and make data-driven decisions to keep your business on track. Easily tap into multiple data sources to create rich, role-based interactive reports that provide timely, valuable information tailored to what each manager needs—when they need it.

Visualize your data to tell a story

3E Data Insights is a self-service tool, making it easy for firms to tweak reports, add firm-specific calculations, configure new reports, and make proactive decisions. You can easily tap into multiple data sources to unlock KPIs quickly, share insights, and make timely decisions based on facts.

3E Data Insight Demo

Key benefits of 3E Data Insights

Configurable and flexible

Available on desktop or mobile, the Data Insights drag-and-drop design included more than 100 modern data visuals from Microsoft and partners in the community.

Unmatched power

Microsoft® Power BI® will help you quickly and easily create new or ad hoc reports, set goals and track progress, and collaborate in Teams so you can make data-driven decisions that help keep your business on track.

Forecasting in the cloud

Predictive analytics provide insights to help you run your business better using quick analytics and simple forecasting techniques that are completely customizable with Cloud Care.

Overcome law firm challenges with 3E Data Insights

Today’s lawyers need to pinpoint the critical areas that are underperforming. Your law firm needs the ability to predict performance and change the results before it is too late.

  • Strict firm reporting requirements
  • Long extraction process for reporting information
  • Hard-to-consume, unorganized data without visuals
  • Not meeting revenue goals and not producing enough work
  • Lack of account details and transactions for trustees

3E Data Insight dashboards

Multiple dashboards provide individuals in your firm with metrics specific to their role, helping them effectively manage their tasks and performance. See how 3E Data Insights can solve the most important questions from law firms:

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