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3E advantages

Open and modern platform

Discover a law firm and financial management system that delivers the flexibility, interoperability, and the modernization your firm needs

Bring your firm forward

Leverage cutting-edge technology and processes to keep every aspect of your firm streamlined and efficient. With 3E, you get a unique set of financial and practice management tools that match your practice and business – with all options, integrations, and updates to support you now and in the future.

Configurability and unparalleled productivity

Choose the level of configurability and customizations that are just right for your firm.

  • Extended configurability: Templates, notifications, NBI/ conflicts search, and more
  • Enhanced time management: Floating timers, updated views, single-click editing, and more
  • Unparalleled productivity across your entire firm: Billing, accounts payable, general ledger, collections, conflicts, platform, usability, and more

Modern, secure integrations

Publics APIs are the modern and secure capability to integrate 3E with other TR solutions, and homegrown and third-party apps.

  • Integrations and extensions available via public 3E APIs
  • Discrete communication points with Thomson Reuters and third-party applications
  • Able to be closely monitored and tightly secured for better transparency

Faster upgrades and enhancements

A modular architecture provides you with options and delivers quicker time-to-value.

  • Regular, managed upgrades provide quicker time-to-value for modules now in the cloud
  • Modules deliver benefits of public cloud infrastructure including high availability, ultimate scale, and a comprehensive security approach

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