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End-to-end proforma and billing

3E Proforma

Discover greater efficiency, transparency, and profitability for your firm

Modernize your proforma review process

3E Proforma from Thomson Reuters helps you reduce the chance of human error, speed the proforma process, and get invoices out the door faster. As the next generation of our end-to-end proforma and billing solution, 3E Proforma seamlessly connects the lawyer and the biller experiences by leveraging cloud capabilities, 3E APIs, and 3E workflow technologies.

Improve profitability and cashflow

Proforma helps streamline and expedite the entire review process resulting in better cash flow. An easy-to-read dashboard lets you monitor proforma status and easily keep on top of productivity and profitability across your firm.


Increase productivity

Expedite your proforma process with accurate filtering, reporting, and scenario calculations.

Clear communication

Collaborate in real-time on performance edits and reviews with others who share billing responsibility or origination.

Seamlessly connect

Connect lawyer and biller experiences in our end-to-end solution by leveraging the cloud, APIs, and workflow technologies.

Overcome law firm challenges with 3E Proforma

Today's lawyers need to be able to approve proformas as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can move on to the needs of their clients. An overwhelming majority (94%) of law firms surveyed say they burn up time editing and reviewing pre-bills contributing to:

  • Lengthy invoicing process and longer work to cash cycle. 
  • Inaccurate invoicing, invoicing errors leading to slower payment.
  • Wasted resources and time-consuming processes​.
  • Slow and unpredicted cash flow.

See the newest Proforma updates

The newest 3E Proforma update includes the existing paperless features, but it has been completely re-architected with an initial centralized billing focus and significant functionality enhancements.

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