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3E Proforma

Delivering greater efficiency, fee earner flexibility, and modern capabilities in the proforma review process

3E® Proforma from Thomson Reuters (formerly 3E Paperless Proforma) helps you reduce the chance of human error, speed the proforma process, and get invoices out the door faster. As the next generation of our end-to-end proforma and billing solution, 3E Proforma seamlessly connects the lawyer and the biller experiences by leveraging cloud capabilities, 3E APIs, and 3E workflow technologies. The solution includes the existing paperless features, but it has been completely re-architected with an initial centralized billing focus and significant functionality enhancements, with lawyer self-service capabilities coming soon. The result is greater efficiency, transparency, and profitability for your firm.

Key benefits

  • Improve communication with real-time interaction between lawyers and billers as part of the proforma workflow
  • Stay up to date with visual alerts and change audits for 3E billers when lawyers make edits to their proformas
  • Streamline and expedite the review process for improved cash flow
  • Increase productivity with filtering, reporting, and scenario calculations features
  • Monitor the proforma process with at-a-glance viewing of fee earner productivity and report status
  • Seamlessly connect the lawyer and the biller experiences by leveraging the cloud, APIs, and workflow technologies
  • Work while on the go with a responsive design for mobile tablets

3E Proforma enhancements

As the next generation of our end-to-end proforma and billing solution, 3E Proforma delivers the same features available in 3E Paperless Proforma but with the following significant architectural and functionality enhancements:

  • Real-time interaction between the lawyer and biller as part of the proforma workflow
  • Visual alerts and auditing of changes for 3E billers when lawyers make edits to their proformas
  • Multi-card and improved group proforma editing
  • 3E billing rules and eBillingHub® validation rules integrations
  • Responsive design for mobile tablet device support
  • Built for centralized billing operations (with distributed operations in the upcoming releases)
  • Built on the 3E database and application code allowing for greater workflow efficiency

Additional features

  • Online edit process ensures edits and instructions are both readable and implemented accurately
  • Lawyers can run different scenario calculations to achieve the correct balance in compliance with the firm’s billing policies
  • Lawyers can filter and group proforma work lists by date, status, clients, dollar amount, and much more
  • Lawyers are able to defer proformas directly to archives, reducing the steps in the process and reducing accounting’s workload
  • Administrative staff can easily switch between lawyer profiles without entering and exiting the system
  • Real-time updates show how edits to hours or amounts will affect the outcome of the bill
  • Tracking tools enable you to track all narrative and status changes made to each proforma
  • Interface mirrors traditional paper proformas, making the system easy to learn and use
  • Unique productivity features help improve firm performance
  • Sophisticated collaboration features allow lawyers to work together at the matter level
  • Superior flexibility backed by configurable workflows, enables the solution to work the way your firm works
  • Built-in, configurable, and automatic approval routing

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