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Risk and Compliance Online Courses

Compliance Learning

Discover customized e-learning courses supporting risk and regulatory compliance training. Provide your employees with the skills they need and build a culture of compliance at your workplace.

Access practical, interactive, and cost-effective online compliance training

Employing instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, our courses are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios. They’re tailored to support your business at a country, regional, and global level and offered in over 25 languages and with full audit trail capabilities. Our online courses are ready off the shelf for immediate use, and they are accessible via multiple platforms from anywhere at any time.

Features of Compliance Learning

Review our full range of online courses

Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, and courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes. Browse through a wide variety of subjects, including anti-money laundering, GDPR, ethics and conflicts of interest, and FCPA training.

Find online training developed to meet your unique needs 

Our courses are fully customizable and scalable to fit the exact learning objectives set by your business. We offer a range of online learning options, and courses can be built from scratch to fit your business requirements on any governance, risk and compliance topics.

Explore our Thomson Reuters Microlearning suite

This supplemental solution changes the approach to online compliance training from a “once-a-year” event to a steady flow of interesting and informative training. Short, impactful learning modules reinforce key concepts from recent events and regulatory changes and help keep compliance top-of-mind.

Amplify your compliance 

Our Compliance Learning Manager provides a flexible and easy-to-use learning management system to support your employee training and corporate compliance obligations. Find online courses with training enhancements and full audit capabilities. Educate your employees on laws and regulations, change behavior related to regulatory compliance practices, and protect your company from lawsuits and penalties. 

CISI accredited course list

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment is a global professional body for those who work in the financial and investment industry. It aims to set standards of conduct and ethics for participants in the securities and investments industry, and to provide qualifications for such professionals. It is a global certification and can be leveraged Worldwide as each of Thomson Reuters accredited courses counts for 1 CPD hour. View our list of CISI accredited courses (PDF)

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