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Bespoke Course Creation for Compliance Learning

Ready to take the next step in tailoring your compliance training program to meet your organization’s exact requirements?

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning provides organizations with an extensive range of engaging and interactive “ready-to-go” online training courses. 

However, if you and your organization require a more customized approach, our new offerings can help you develop a more tailored compliance training program for employees.

Through extensive market research and lending a careful ear to our clients, we have created a dynamic product range that facilitates knowledge retention, enhances awareness, and supports behavioral change.

We offer a suite of custom course creation solutions that cater to a range of timelines, budgets, and requirements. You'll work directly with our Thomson Reuters design specialists to build your own tailored, contemporary, and versatile training courses that integrate seamlessly into your overall employee training program.

We also offer a series of add-ons that can be combined to make each eLearning product truly reflective of your organization's needs.

Our custom product solutions include

Introductory Course

This product is an eLearning course that includes learner intuitive interaction and diverse photography. Clean lines and simple interaction ensure the main focus is on your content. This would suit you if your content is in a finalized state and you have a short timeline.

Standard course

Our standard course would suit you if your requirement is an engaging solution that includes a wide range of personalized graphics and interactions. To create this product, we will work collaboratively with you to refine your content and produce a fully branded solution to promote high knowledge retention.

Premium course

If you would like a more engaging solution that could include a central theme, hand-drawn illustrations, and top-of-the-line graphics, then our premium courses are your best option. We will explore your specific requirements in detail and collaboratively produce a highly interactive and engaging course.

Document Publish with Attestation

This is our most cost-effective product. It is ideal if you require your learners to review a policy document and need them to confirm acknowledgment. Our graphic designers will insert your logo and ensure the attestation directly reports to your chosen Learning Management System.

PowerPoint Conversion

If you have content in PowerPoint format that does not require editing, a PowerPoint Conversion could be the right solution. If you can provide us with your PowerPoint slides, we will convert them into an eLearning package. We can also include an assessment which directly reports to your chosen Learning Management System.

Showcase page

We have created a Bespoke Showcase that demonstrates how each of our products function, and provides an overview of what each product is, the potential business profile, and what to expect from the delivery process.

Course add-ons 

Our Introductory, Standard, and Premium tailored courses can be enhanced using a combination of additional services.

These services include:

  • Translation - Translation into specified languages and language profiler. 
  • Content - Content mining and instructional design services. 
  • Media - Video, audio, role/region stranding, pre-assessment, and responsive design.
  • Accessibility - Accessible courses, supporting PDFs, and PDF versions of course screens.
  • Technical support - Technical support for integration, multi-browser testing, and other authoring tools.

Take the next step with Compliance Learning

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