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Compliance learning

Features and benefits

Educate your business, change behavior, and manage risk with customized training from Thomson Reuters 

Engaging. Customizable. Global.

A global solution

Our courses are tailored to support your business at a country, regional, and global level, giving a clear view of the regulatory landscape and jurisdictional compliance requirements.

Continually updated content

We are committed to delivering the most up-to-date courses and work to continually update or release new training modules to keep up with the latest regulatory and compliance requirements. This means you can focus on your core business activities, with assurance that your employees have access to up-to-date compliance training at all times. 

Fully customizable

All courses within our catalog can be customized to fit your business requirements. We can also build courses from scratch to meet your exact specifications on any governance, risk, and compliance topic.

Learn more about our bespoke solutions here.

Easy implementation and delivery

Our courses are web-based accessible and have minimal technical requirements allowing quick implementation for seamless integration into your training program. Courses can be hosted on our Compliance Learning Manager platform, or on SCORM-compliant 3rd-party systems.

Educate employees and manage risk

Our Compliance Learning Manager LMS provides key features to support course effectiveness and knowledge retention. Features ensure high course completion, highlight areas for further training, reports and metrics.

Thomson Reuters MicroLearning

Short but impactful learning modules help reinforce key compliance concepts between annual trainings, minimizing seasonal knowledge gaps.

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