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Compliance Learning course catalog

Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence and courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes. Browse our compliance training catalog to find the best course for your organization.

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    Active-Shooter Preparedness | Thomson Reuters

    This course provides guidance and advice on how to anticipate and respond appropriately to an active-shooter incident, including responding appropriately when law enforcement arrives at the scene, recognizing potential workplace-violence indicators so that these types of incidents may be...

    Advising and Selling | Thomson Reuters

    This Advising and Selling course will help you develop your understanding of the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) rules on advising and selling to clients and the important purpose that lies behind them.

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Training | Thomson Reuters

    This Americans with Disabilities Act course explains the fundamental requirements and prohibitions of the ADA and how they apply to all aspects of the employment relationship -- hiring, training, evaluations, promotions, leave and termination, among others. It is intended to help managers and...

    Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Training | Thomson Reuters

    Familiarize employees with the laws that criminalize bribery and corruption, and help them recognize and mitigate associated risks. The course is available in 9 versions adapted for various regional laws and jurisdictions.

    Anti-money Laundering (AML Training) | Thomson Reuters

    Money laundering is a potential indicator of terrorist funding and other global crimes, making AML training even more necessary. This course is intended to familiarize employees with the process of money laundering — the criminal business used to disguise the true origin and ownership of...

    Appropriate Internet Use | Thomson Reuters

    This Appropriate Internet Use compliance training course explains the basic rules and common-sense guidelines for appropriate use of the organization's electronic-communication systems. It is intended to help employees spot — and avoid — issues of workplace discrimination (including sexual...

    Australian Consumer Law | Thomson Reuters

    This Australian Consumer Law training course is intended to familiarize employees with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), a national law that went into effect in 2011 and harmonized consumer protection and fair trading laws across Australia. The course describes unlawful sales practices and...

    Avoiding Retaliation | Thomson Reuters

    This Avoiding Retaliation training course is highly recommended for supervisors and managers because it helps them understand what retaliation is and how to avoid it while carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities.

    Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) (Australia) | Thomson Reuters

    The purpose of this course is to raise awareness of the new regulations in Australia, known as the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR). The training seeks to inform participants of their responsibilities under the new regime to ensure that banking practices are aligned with expectations.

    Bloodborne Pathogens And MRSA | Thomson Reuters

    This Bloodborne Pathogens and MRSA compliance training course explains the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard adopted by OSHA to prevent workplace exposure to (1) bodily fluids that spread bloodborne illnesses, and (2) MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph. It provides essential training for...