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Labour Management Basics (Japan)

This course is an overview of the labour laws that apply to companies with employees in Japan. It covers a wide range of topics including hiring, wages, and required leave.

Geography Covered: Japan | Duration: 60 minutes


In Japan, many laws and regulations govern labour and management relationships. The Labour Standards Act (together with the Trade Union Act and the Labour Relations Adjustment Act, referred to collectively as the three labour laws) address core labour and management issues, but there are also other related laws, such as the Labour Contracts Act, the Gender Equality in Employment Act, the Childcare/Nursing Care Leave Act, and the Industrial Safety and Health Act. All of these are collectively referred to as the Labour Laws.

These laws define the relationship between firms, management, and employees. They grant employees certain rights and place detailed restrictions on how employees may be treated. Adhering to these laws is critical for employee health, morale, and productivity.

By the end of this e-learning course, learners will be able to:

  • provide an overview of the Labour Laws necessary for labour management
  • gain knowledge on improving the working environment
  • make legal decisions about issues that may arise between start of work and resignation
  • prevent internal labour problems before they occur

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