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Thomson Reuters Microlearning

Thomson Reuters Microlearning consists of short and impactful interactive learning modules that reinforce key compliance concepts between annual trainings, helping to minimize the knowledge gap. Through the use of videos and actionable takeaways the modules address long-term knowledge retention and enable organizations to deepen, optimize and energize their compliance awareness program.

Geography Covered: Global | Duration: 5-10 minutes per module


To safeguard your organization, it’s critical for you to build a culture that actively adheres to internal policies and external regulations. Your compliance program needs to incorporate a steady stream of education throughout the year to facilitate awareness of compliance policies and regulatory updates. Our Thomson Reuters Microlearning courses are available in a range of topics and are developed based on recent events, providing continuous education to update your managers’ and employees’ knowledge.

  • AML and Counter-Terrorism Financing

    • Identifying Beneficial Ownership Is Key to Customer Due Diligence
      The course illustrates how beneficial ownership information helps prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
    • Paradise Papers: Offshore Empires
      This course provides an overview of the Paradise Papers and tax havens, as well as guidance on the key actions firms and employees should take to effectively respond to these events.
    • Staying One Step Ahead of Funnel Accounts
      This course explains how criminals use funnel accounts to launder money and what employees need to do to detect, identify and report suspicious activities and behavior.
    • The Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD)
      This Thomson Reuters Microlearning course provides a brief overview of what employees need to know about the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD).

    Conduct Risk

    • An Overview
      The overview is the first course in the Conduct Risk series. It introduces mitigating behavior-based risk, or “conduct risk,” as a way to benefit customers and clients.
    • Facebook and the Company Logo
      This course provides a brief overview of what employees need to know to recognize and avoid the dangers of improper social-media use in the workplace
    • Conflicts of Interest
      In this 15-minute game-based assessment, the learner is placed in a fictitious company. They need to explore the office space and respond correctly to conflict of interest situations.

    Employee Conduct & Business Ethics

    • Careful Communication: Communicating Effectively with Mobile Device
      This training course details the risks of communicating via mobile devices and provides useful best practices for mitigating those risks.
    • Environmental, Social and Governance Investment (ESG)*
      This class focuses on defining ESG Investment and its Financial Impact. Learners will also learn about the different 6 types of Sustainable Investment Techniques 7.
    • How to Handle a Workplace Bully
      This course covers the various forms of workplace bullying, how it affects the workplace, and what employees should do when confronted with bullying behavior.
    • Importance of Treating Everyone with Respect
      This module discusses the importance of creating and maintaining a respectful workplace and provides employees with examples of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
    • Prevention of Discrimination & Harassment
      This module highlights things you should know and do in the rapidly changing environment of Discrimination and Harassment.
    • Workplace Diversity: Eye on Ethnic Origin
      This training promotes workplace diversity by identifying conduct that can create a hostile work environment and highlighting what employees can do to avoid harassment based on ethnic origin and culture.

    Market Conduct and Fraud

    • Accounting Irregularities: Sometimes You Need to Speak Up
      This training course focuses on the importance of employees’ maintaining accurate accounting records, complying with applicable laws and regulations and spotting potential irregularities caused by fraudulent activity.
    • Antitrust: Dealing with Competitors
      This course provides a brief overview of what employees need to know to avoid violating anti-competition laws when dealing with competitors.
    • Citibank To Pay $770 Million Over Deceptive Credit Card Practices
      Review the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent enforcement action against Citibank for using deceptive marketing tactics to promote credit card add-on products and services to consumers in this course.
    • Investor Protection under MiFID II
      This training course focuses on key investor protection features of MiFID II, specifically Marketing and Communication, Client Agreements and the Pre-trade Suitability Statement, Conflicts of Interest, Fee Structure and Disclosures, and The 10% Loss Reporting Rule.
    • Red Flags of Fraud
      This module helps learners identify a fraudster, as well as the primary red flags to detect external fraud.
    • Trading on Insider Information
      This course explains insider trading and the consequences of misusing nonpublic information, whether intentional or not.
    • US Companies and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
      This module explains the impact of GDPR on US companies, including practical tips for complying with the GDPR.

    Prevention of Corrupt Practices

    • Anti-Bribery: A Gift by Any Other Name
      This course provides a brief overview of what employees need to know when giving gifts to business partners, clients and potential clients.
    • Anti-Corruption: Working With Government Officials
      For those working with government officials, this course explains what employees need to know and do to avoid corrupt activities.
    • FCA's Supervision Principles
      This course provides a brief overview of what employees need to know and do concerning the Financial Conduct Authority's Supervision Principles.
    • Lessons From the FIFA Corruption Scandal
      An overview of the ongoing FIFA corruption investigation, this course reviews how employees can spot and respond to situations that pose threats of bribery and corruption.
    • When Is a Business Gift Really a Bribe?
      This module helps learners distinguish legitimate business gifts from bribes. The module also includes a review of what is acceptable in the course of business, and provides a set of best practices to follow.

    Privacy, Confidentiality, and Information Security

    • Compliance Lessions from a Bangladesh Bank Heist
      With an overview of one of the largest cyber heists in history at the Central Bank of Bangladesh, this course also discusses steps employees can take to strengthen their firm’s cyber resilience.
    • Cybersecurity: Preventing Information Security Attacks
      Focusing on what employees can do to keep information secure and prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, this course covers phishing scams, social engineering and suspicious emails.
    • Data Privacy: Keeping Passwords Safe, Strong and Secure
      This training provides employees with the things they need to know and do to keep their passwords safe and secure and avoid costly security breaches.
    • Thomson Reuters Microlearning: HIPAA Disposal of PHI
      After completing this course, employees will understand the things they need to know and do to properly dispose of protected health informa±on (PHI) in compliance with HIPAA
    • Thomson Reuters Microlearning: HIPAA Incidental Disclosure PHI
      This course provides employees with the things they need to know and do to address incidental uses and disclosures of PHI in compliance with HIPAA.
    • Keeping Customer Data Private Is Everyone's Job
      This module provides a brief overview of what employees need to know to protect the personal information of customers, business partners and other employees.
    • Information Security: Don't Click That Link
      The module focuses on the importance of protecting firms from phishing attacks, and provides useful tools to do so in the course of everyday business.
  • The content for our Thomson Reuters Microlearning courses is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, which tracks over 900 regulators and exchanges globally.

    Intended as a supplemental solution to our online compliance course library, this learning suite changes the approach from a ‘once-a-year’ event to a steady flow of interesting and informative trainings that reinforce both the ‘tone from the top’ and an organization’s core values.

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