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MiFID II Training

Our MiFID II courses train employees to understand their basic obligations and requirements from the new MiFID II regime. It also explains the impact on financial services by the regime and its wide-ranging effects across the European Union from increased market access to best execution.

Geography Covered: UK and Europe | Duration: 45 minutes


MiFID II was the European Union’s response to the commitments given during the G20 Pittsburgh Conference to strengthen oversight and regulation of the global financial markets following the financial crisis.

It was implemented on January 3, 2018 and introduces new requirements and obligations for the entire financial industry across Europe.

Industry experts agree that the challenge in implementing MiFID II originates from the sheer scale and invasive nature of the regulation. MiFID II has a significant impact on employees at all levels working in financial services in the UK and Europe, who must understand the changes and implement them in their daily work.

  • Introduction to MiFID II
    This course explains what MiFID II is and why it is important, even outside of the EU. The course will provide an overview of how MiFID II affects trading, regulation, and governance outside the EU and UK — including the regulatory changes introduced by MiFID II that affect the global trading landscape. The course includes examples of international (non-EU or non-UK) market participants and how they may be affected by the new MiFID II regime. The course also includes a review of the most significant requirements under MiFID II for financial firms, their employees, and clients.

    MiFID II for the Buy and Sell Side
    This course is focused on the buy and sell side of your business and will help you understand your principal obligations under the MiFID ll regime. It explores MiFID II’s impact on financial services and its wide-ranging effects across the European Union (EU) and the UK. Topics covered in the course include governance, investor protection, market transparency and integrity. Added complexity — particularly around the cross-border and third country provision of financial services — occurred following Brexit. The course also covers important nuances of EU/UK trade in financial products and services.

    MiFID II and the New Trading Landscape
    MiFID II extended the transparency regime implemented within MiFID I to non-equity markets. This enabled new trading venues, better transparency and governance. MiFID II has a significant impact on employees at all levels working in financial services in the UK and Europe who must understand and implement the changes in their daily work. This course focuses on trading venues (new and old) and their differences, new transparency requirements, and trading obligations.

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