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Regulation FD

Regulation FD, for "Regulation Fair Disclosure," dictates how public companies and their representatives disclose "inside" information about the company. This Regulation FD training course explains what managers and finance-industry employees need to know about Regulation FD for "Fair Disclosure." It summarizes the rules that affect how public companies may communicate "inside" information about the company to those outside the company.

Geography Covered: Americas | Duration: 30 minutes


In essence, Regulation FD requires that a public company's communication of material, nonpublic information be made in approved forms of public disclosure. The purpose of the regulation is to make all material information about a company available to all investors at the same time.Regulation FD addresses a practice known as "selective disclosure," in which companies provide inside information to market analysts, other securities-market professionals and shareholders before announcing the information publicly. Selective disclosure is very similar to the phenomenon of "tipping" that is at the heart of insider trading. In both situations, a privileged few use their access to corporate insiders to acquire information that they can use to turn a profit or avoid a loss, rather than having to rely on their skill, business acumen and/or diligence.

But while "tipping" and other forms of insider trading have long been subject to severe punishments under the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws, selective disclosure was not expressly prohibited until the SEC's enactment of Regulation FD in 1990.

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Overview of Regulation FD
  • Regulation FD and insider trading
  • Regulation FD in a nutshell
  • Who is subject to Regulation FD?
  • What is material, nonpublic information?
  • To whom are disclosures prohibited?
  • Fair disclosure methods
  • Fair disclosure safeguards
  • Other communications
  • Violations
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