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Social Media in the Workplace

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized both personal and business communications. We now broadcast our thoughts, opinions, pictures and videos instantly through a vast array of social media sites to promote products and services, network, reconnect with old friends and much more. Inappropriate social media use can lead to problems relating to confidential information, defamation and harassment, among many others. However, companies must use social media effectively to remain competitive. Social media training is crucial for firms to build a culture of compliance, and to potentially avoid significant financial and reputational damage.

Geography Covered: Global | Duration: 20-30 minutes


The topics covered in the course include:

  • The use of social media in the workplace
  • The advantages and risks of social media in the workplace
  • Best practices for the effective and safe use of social media
  • Using judgment and common sense to case studies
  • Global courses

    • Social Media in the Workplace (Global)
      This course describes the various uses of social media in the workplace. It highlights both the advantages of appropriate use and the dangers of inappropriate use. The course provides best practices for employees to follow when using social media

    APAC courses

    • Social Media in the Workplace (Australia) 


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