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Compliance Learning course catalog

Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence and courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes. Browse our compliance training catalog to find the best course for your organization.

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    Business Continuity Management

    This Business Continuity Management training course explains the basic principles and benefits of the Business Continuity Management process. Through real-world examples and scenarios, employees learn about their roles and responsibilities during a business disruption or incident.

    Business Ethics

    The Business Ethics training course is intended to help employees develop an understanding of business ethics so that they can identify and deal appropriately with ethical issues that arise in the workplace.

    Business Gifts and Entertainment (Global)

    This course explains what all employees need to know about giving and receiving gifts, entertainment and other courtesies in the business context. It describes which business gifts and courtesies are appropriate and which are inappropriate, as well as how to handle questionable situations.

    Client Assets (CFRA)

    This Client Assets course will provide you with an understanding of the FCA's Client Asset rules and the importance of safeguarding client assets. You will also know the key provisions of the Client Money and Custody rules.

    Code of Conduct

    The purpose of our online Code of Conduct training course is to help you mitigate potential penalties through a formal employee training policy, and includes pop quizzes, news clippings and a final quiz highlighting real-world Code of Conduct compliance and ethical issues that employees should...

    Common Reporting Standards

    The purpose of this course is to provide awareness of the key requirements of CRS and the implications that it has on financial institutions and their customers. The course introduces the key requirements for classification of entities, financial accounts, and the customers. It also higlights...

    Competition Law

    This Competition Law course covers the fundamental principles of competition law (or antitrust law, as it is sometimes called), which aims to prevent predatory business practices by promoting fair competition and economic efficiency. The course also highlights 'red flags' — situations that...

    Compliance Induction

    The purpose of this Compliance Induction training course is to help learners understand their regulatory and ethical responsibilities. The course includes real-world examples and scenarios that highlight the importance of employees recognising and responding appropriately to compliance issues...

    Conduct Risk Suite

    The eight courses in the Conduct Risk Suite familiarize employees with the various areas of a firm’s culture and operations that present a conduct risk - the risk that customers and clients will suffer detriment as a result of the firm’s inappropriate business culture or inappropriate judgment...

    Conflicts of Interest

    This Conflicts of Interest training course describes the most common workplace conflict-of-interest situations and the circumstances in which they arise. It is intended to train employees of all types of organizations to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest, particularly with regard to...