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Compliance Learning course catalog

Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence and courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes. Browse our compliance training catalog to find the best course for your organization.

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    HIPAA Privacy and Security

    This HIPAA training course explains the basic principles of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It covers fundamental HIPAA privacy and security principles, such as administrative, physical and technical safeguards, handling and use of protected health information,...

    Information Security Awareness

    This Information Security training course provides important employee training on the essential principles, policies and practices that organizations use to protect and secure personal, proprietary or confidential data.

    Insider Trading

    This Insider Trading course explains the laws prohibiting insider trading and the key components of insider trading law and policy. It provides guidelines to help all employees understand the law and avoid the serious civil and criminal penalties that can result from trading (or helping others...

    Labour Management Basics (Japan)

    This course is an overview of the labour laws that apply to companies with employees in Japan. It covers a wide range of topics including hiring, wages, and required leave.

    Managing Within the Law

    This Managing within the Law course details the most important legal issues that managers need to be aware of to perform their jobs effectively and to comply with the law. The Advanced course builds on the Basics course by addressing additional topics that are somewhat more complex.

    Market Abuse

    This Preventing Market Abuse training course describes the negative impacts of market abuse and the UK and European Commission’s anti-market abuse regimes, which aim to ensure that the markets are fair for all users and to regulate market conduct consistently. The course is available in three...

    Market Conduct

    This Market Conduct course explains the main types of market manipulation that can occur in stock markets around the globe and helps employees understand their responsibilities regarding prohibited market behavior.

    MiFID II Training

    In February 2016 it was announced that the Markets in Financial Instrument Directive II (MiFID II) deadline would be delayed by one year. This MiFID II training course will let you understand your basic obligations and requirements from the new MiFID II regime. It also explains the impact on...

    Modern Slavery

    The purpose of this course is to create awareness for both firm management and employees around the concept of modern slavery and its potential impacts on customer organisations. The course introduces the countries, industries and types of workplaces where modern slavery risks are known to be...

    National Consumer Credit Protection Act

    This National Consumer Credit Protection Act course provides an overview of the key aspects of Australia's national consumer credit regime. You'll learn about the powers of the regulator, the licensing system, the redress mechanisms and the responsible lending provisions.