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Compliance Learning course catalog

Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence and courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes. Browse our compliance training catalog to find the best course for your organization.

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    Operational Risk Management Essentials

    This Operational Risk Management Essentials training course provides an overview of operational risk as it applies to firms in the financial services industry. It discusses operational risks, the dangers associated with each and methods for managing operational risk.

    OSHA - HazCom/Right to Know

    This OSHA - HazCom/Right to Know course, which is designed to fulfill the hazard-communication training requirements imposed by OSHA regulations (and New York State 'Right To Know' laws), provides information and training on workplace safety procedures regarding chemical products in the workplace.

    Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

    This course explains the fundamental principles of patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as the protections provided by each. It is intended for employees in research, product development, marketing, sales and other areas, to ensure that they will recognize and respond appropriately to...

    Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

    This Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course examines the types of workplace conduct that are considered unlawful discrimination and harassment. It explains what employees should do to avoid or minimize incidents of employee discrimination and harassment in the workplace including...

    Preventing Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

    This Title IX training course provides training on preventing sexual misconduct, as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Federal guidelines require Title IX training for all employees of colleges and universities. Separate versions of this course are available for...

    Preventing Workplace Violence

    This Preventing Workplace Violence course is intended for employees of both public and private-sector organizations. It identifies (1) common clues that point toward potential violence in the workplace, and (2) how to forestall and/or deal with violent acts appropriately. The course can be...

    Product Governance

    This Product Governance training course provides an overview of product governance, a process that spans the entire life cycle of financial products and that requires firms to consider a product’s general suitability for its target market.

    Protecting Trade Secrets

    This Protecting Trade Secrets compliance training course explains the basic federal and state laws governing trade secrets and provides guidelines for employees on how to protect trade secrets and other confidential information when dealing with co-workers, business associates, and computer...

    Regulation FD

    Regulation FD, for "Regulation Fair Disclosure," dictates how public companies and their representatives disclose "inside" information about the company. This Regulation FD training course explains what managers and finance-industry employees need to know about Regulation FD for "Fair...

    Sanctions and Embargoes

    This sanctions training course explains the economic sanctions administered by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and who is subject to them, as well as the aims of these sanctions and the penalties for non-compliance. A separate Sanctions course is available for financial...