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Legal Managed Services

Outsource legal work with the best legal talent, expertly designed processes, and cutting-edge technology

A new approach to legal outsourcing services

We’ve re-envisioned the future of legal services with a suite of solutions that maximize performance using only the highest-quality resources and cutting-edge legal technology to support the work of our clients. We call it Legal Managed Services.

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Quality document review

Our talented team has deep experience with leading ediscovery software to help you and your team find critical hot documents in a massive dataset.


Fast turnaround times 

Predictive coding technology makes document review faster and easier. Our experts create workflows that help you gain time and cost-savings.

Complete transparency 

We match the right technology to the right task and can offer a workflow tool that lets you achieve transparency and get real insights into contracts.

Reimagine the future of legal outsourcing

Document review and analysis

We deploy winning strategies for complex, big data challenges by using the most scalable, efficient, and innovative processes around.

Advanced Litigation Services

Strategic fact-finding on demand and evidentiary organization can be provided on-site or remotely from our facilities.

Financial trade documentation

Update your documentation, meet minimum record-keeping requirements and expand your internal capacity with our global solution.

Contract management

Gain critical insights and improve outcomes by using our team to take on any or all of your contracting functions.

Regulatory change management

We work with you and your team to create a comprehensive plan to avoid hidden regulatory risks.

  • 10 of the world’s largest
    multi-national investment banks work with our teams
  • 42 out of the top 50
    law firms are supported by our teams
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