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Legal workflow management


Thomson Reuters Panoramic enables you to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with data-driven confidence

Connect the business and practice of law

Panoramic is a unique workflow solution that enables you to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with data-driven confidence. As a cloud-based platform, it uses the Thomson Reuters Elite open integration framework to enable secure connections to on-premises systems.

Built on the solid foundations of Thomson Reuters Practical Law and 3E from Thomson Reuters Elite, Panoramic provides a truly integrated and holistic approach to matter management.

No other tool on the market pairs the depth of content provided through Practical Law-drafted Thomson Reuters Matter Maps with the budget-to-actuals data from 3E.    

Gain legal workflow management firm-wide

Plan profitably with embedded guidance    

We incorporate Practical Law resources for new task-specific guidance to execute on daily work.

  • No more lost hours spent on reconstructing activities
  • Ensure time reports are submitted promptly and accurately to avoid missing hours
  • No more risk of write-downs caused by incomplete or unclear task descriptions

Manage confidently with dynamic workflow insights

Our dashboards use custom matter maps to create a dynamic workflow, enabling you to plan your work more accurately and intuitively.

  • Scale partner expertise and delegate tasks most strategically
  • Attain full status update on matters
  • Spot and mitigate risk to avoid write-offs and wasted billable hours

Scope and budget faster

Easily forecast a matter for profitability and track progress in real-time to create new data that we serve up as analytics and insights for your internal review.

  • Clearly explain to clients the scope of the engagement and the chosen strategy
  • Compare new matters to similar past matters to avoid scoping from scratch
  • Eliminate the variability of guesswork for new matters

Built by firms like yours

Panoramic is built to meet the specific workflow needs of today's firms. A robust customer partnership program supports its ideation and development from several co-design partners.

We received valuable feedback on features, user experience, and content from 22 innovation advisors and 10 beta customers with more than 100 participants, including litigation and corporate lawyers, LPM professionals, and C-suite professionals.


Transform the way you work

Join experts from Thomson Reuters for an in-depth look at Panoramic, a game-changing solution for today’s law firms.

Experience Panoramic

See how Thomson Reuters Panoramic enables you to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with confidence