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Customer story

Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek

Learn how Warner Angle uses ProLaw to streamline business efficiencies while reducing costs

Meet Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek

Warner Angle has served the Phoenix community for more than 50 years, providing legal representation in areas including corporate and business law, construction law, divorce and family law, estate planning, tax and probate law, real estate law, commercial and civil litigation, and appeals and personal injury.

Since its inception, Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek PLC has delivered the highest quality of legal representation, tailoring innovative solutions to address the needs of its clients. The firm’s success, stability, and longevity can be attributed to the internal cohesiveness of its highly skilled team of lawyers and its expertise in a broad range of legal areas.

Why Warner Angle uses ProLaw

Warner Angle needed a business management solution to modernize its operations, simplify its practice and boost productivity firmwide. Warner Angle leverages ProLaw to increase day-to-day efficiencies among staff and consolidate the firm’s practice, financial, and case management processes, with one fully integrated solution.

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With ProLaw, we no longer have to wait until Monday morning to ascertain where clients stand financially or whether matters are being managed properly because we have the information available at our fingertips.

How Warner Angle implemented ProLaw for streamlined business efficiencies

With lawyer buy-in as one of the hardest things to achieve when introducing new applications at a firm, Warner Angle attributes the firm’s positive reception of ProLaw to the Elite implementation. The team worked with the firm to successfully develop a strategic deployment and thorough training process designed to increase acceptance and adoption of the new solution.

Optimizing operations with Microsoft Integration

With more than 20 lawyers practicing in diverse areas of law, having a business management system that accurately tracks all aspects of case management while providing customization and interoperability with Microsoft applications has proven to be of utmost importance for the firm. In fact, Haislet claims that ProLaw has enabled her firm to get greater usage out of its Microsoft applications. For example, she can now Pro File directly from Outlook® and customize and export report templates directly from Excel®.

Using drag-and-drop reporting features, Haislet can leverage ProLaw to easily capture a snapshot of real-time data at a moment’s notice and present financial information in ways that are most valuable to partners. In the past, the process was much more cumbersome, requiring Haislet to export financial data to Excel and then spend a lot of time cleaning up the report.

Now with ProLaw, the exported documents are ready to print. Additionally, ProLaw enables Haislet to send all the financial reports to partners electronically. Because of the sensitive nature of the content, it is crucial that ProLaw enables her to control who is given permission to run reports.

Since implementing ProLaw, we have benefited from a dramatic reduction in staff expenditures, reducing our secretarial staff by half and our administrative team by more than 25%.

Improved efficiency and client satisfaction

With just under 50 lawyers and staff, pulling paper-based historical reports and data proved to be challenging and resulted in rising client costs. However, ProLaw was able to resolve the issue with an unprecedented level of flexibility and ultimately became a catalyst for improving client service.

In particular, the firm was better able to meet client needs with its transition of accounting to a paperless environment, which gave Haislet and her team unparalleled levels of remote accessibility to serve its clients on-demand. With ProLaw, staff has access to pertinent, real-time information, from wherever they are, with just an internet connection.

Another substantial benefit of ProLaw is its ability to securely house digital financial and case management documents in one database. This feature has enabled the firm to eliminate more than 1,500 offsite storage boxes and instead use ProLaw as its central repository for critical documents. By having all documents centrally housed, staff can streamline the retrieval and assembly of documents.

Such time-saving benefits have enabled the firm to meet the direct needs of its clients at a faster pace. Haislet continues, “The less time we have to spend locating information, the more time our attorneys can allocate to their client cases. ProLaw not only increases our billable hours, it helps us secure repeat business.”

Now, with just a click of a button, our lawyers can easily retrieve vital files and documents—from invoices, to emails, to reference materials—whether they’re on vacation or out of town on business, which means we can respond to our clients in the most efficient manner.

Responsive support for optimal success

To enhance its 50-year tradition of providing excellent legal representation to its clients, Warner Angle has benefitted from embracing new technology to optimize its business practices. Having a software as intuitive and up to date as ProLaw has helped uphold the firm’s reputation and high-quality standards. As systems change and update, ProLaw maintains technological compatibilities with applications used by firms around the world, providing a seamless user experience.

The firm has benefitted from the responsive, knowledgeable customer care provided by Thomson Reuters—not just at launch, but throughout ongoing developments. It is that type of personalized service Haislet values so much: “When I’ve needed to reach out to customer service, they have been consistently responsive. We have so much confidence in ProLaw knowing there is reliable support whenever we need it.”

Additional support features such as the Knowledge Base, user groups, and community sharing features, provide a forum to exchange ideas, expertise, and troubleshooting tips. “A huge benefit of ProLaw is that I have access to all of the training I could ever need at my fingertips,” Haislet elaborates.

ProLaw encourages a community of users that I can share with and learn from, and that is one of the biggest assets I could ever have.
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