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Finance management

Streamline your accounting, time and expenses, invoicing, and payables

Sophisticated tools for efficient firm-wide analysis

Integrated law firm time and billing management helps you efficiently access statements, balances, and payment histories; measure financial performance and quality of work; then report on your findings — with a solution that scales with your firm as you grow into the future.

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Real-time engagement tracking

Law firms can miss out on 10%-20% of their billable time by not tracking hours consistently and promptly. However, built-in tracking tools can unlock significant improvements in realization and signify less time spent on administrative tasks.

Accounting automation

Automate core accounting functions to improve cash management and increase your bottom line, stay organized, avoid discrepancies, and focus on providing the best possible guidance to clients. HighQ, Workspace, and eBillingHub can ensure continuous, evolving support as your law firm grows and its needs evolve.

Shorten your turnaround times and streamline accounts and receivables (AR) cycles by utilizing automation and best-in-class technology to ensure your firm is paid on time. Powerful tools help you simplify, organize, and automate your core accounting functionality.

Financial features

Complex billing

Integrated billing features adapt to changing processes and needs — including compensation formulas and project billing with different percentages for originating and working attorneys. Also, the ProLaw Collections module easily handles the subrogation of debt, automating your firm’s revenue when you collect AR on your client’s behalf.

Costs as a percentage of fees

When setting legal service pricing, you must consider a variety of factors. Our software will help you determine the most important factors in your engagements to choose the best approach.

Split billing

Progress toward paying the percentage owed by each party carries through to AR — enjoy clear separation from when bills are initiated to when they are paid off.

Trust accounting

ProLaw completes the work and journals for you. With a single click, client bills are applied to a trust and a check is cut from the trust account to the operating account to be deposited.

Alternative fee arrangements

Value-based pricing — or that for one-off or special engagements — can fall outside the typical billable hours model. These fees are seamlessly captured, integrated, and billed with ProLaw.

Financial statements

Generate your most accurate and comprehensive financial statements with just a few clicks to give partners instant access and confidence in the accuracy of your financials.

Contact updates

Updating contact information in multiple software applications leaves room for error, inconsistencies, and out-of-date information. But with ProLaw, an updated contact record also disseminates changes across all matters, documents, and even to the transaction level.

LEDES billing

With legal e-billing software that supports the LEDES format, you can automate the invoice review process and gain more control over cash flow from customer payments.

On-demand webinar

Legal Administrator Panel Discussion

Strategies for using a practice management solution

Many law firms have adopted practice management solutions to better manage their clients and matters; to facilitate docketing, time entry, billing, and accounting; and to improve profitability and client service. Watch this panel discussion to learn how legal administrators have seen success at their firms by using ProLaw as their practice management solution.

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