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Thomson Reuters announces launch of ProLaw 2021.1

New release delivers time savings, streamlined workflows, and a host of enhancements to ProLaw Workspace

There is constant pressure on firms to work with ever greater efficiency. To help address this demand, ProLaw® 2021.1 delivers expanded capabilities with improved workflows that allow users to be more productive.

The new capabilities added to ProLaw Workspace (formerly ProLaw Portal) let users complete more tasks and discover actionable insights. When fee earners log into Workspace, they now see a Billing Analytics window displaying their current billing stats, allowing them to view their monthly and yearly performance at a glance. The new Finances tab under Matters reveals critical financial information at the individual matter level. The new Events tab under Contacts lets users track all deadlines and meetings associated with a specific contact. And finally, a new Status column displays the status of a time entry (Batch, WIP, or Billed) when a query is run within the Time module.

The ProLaw 2021.1 release also includes enhanced integrations between Desktop and eBillingHub® and Workspace and iManage. Receipts or other images associated with cost transactions can be attached to a statement in ProLaw and then sent to eBillingHub, eliminating the need to toggle between these two programs. What’s more, the Workspace integration with iManage Cloud allows Workspace users to take action on documents loaded in iManage Cloud, and vice versa.

Updates to ProLaw Paperless Proforma round out the ProLaw 2021.1 release, giving firms greater control over how billing information is presented.

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