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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Intelligence

Confidently anticipate and navigate global regulatory compliance

Access the most trusted intelligence available in a single solution

Banking, financial services, and insurance sectors continue to experience an unprecedented degree of regulatory change and complexity. Institutions face shifting expectations and increasing regulatory obligations. The consequences of non-compliance – which can include organizational liability, fines, and reputational damages – can be severe. Horizon scanning with a comprehensive regulatory compliance solution has never been more important. 

Regulatory Intelligence helps your organization anticipate and manage global regulatory developments in a single solution, removing the burden of having to manually track multiple sources of regulatory information.

Less complexity. More clarity on regulatory compliance.

Our one-stop Regulatory Intelligence solution provides world-class content powered by advanced technology that cuts through the complexity and sheer volume of content within the regulatory compliance environment. With Regulatory Intelligence, you can create customized monitoring profiles to keep track of business-relevant regulatory developments and bring clarity on what is most important to your organization.

Unsurpassed breadth, depth, and quality

Offering global coverage of more than 1,200 regulatory bodies and more than 2,500 collections of regulatory and legislative materials, Regulatory Intelligence is one of the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence sources. The solution also provides exclusive access to proprietary news, analysis, and practical guidance from our global team of regulatory compliance experts and journalists.

Flexibility of access to Regulatory Intelligence content

Choose how you access Regulatory Intelligence based on the needs of your organization. Use it as a desktop platform or integrate it with your own workflow software. Our regulatory compliance solution is available as

  • A web-based desktop platform
  • A data feed service (with optional access to API)
  • An API

Regulatory Intelligence desktop

The desktop platform provides an intuitive user interface with powerful search functionality and customizable preferences. Stay on top of regulatory body notifications, alerts, pending events, analysis, and vital regulatory deadlines. Simplified navigation lets you access whatever information you need, when you need it, from one single source.

Regulatory Intelligence Feeds

Regulatory Intelligence Feeds incorporates our client-driven taxonomy to automate the flow of regulatory information into your organization’s workflow software. Content is extracted from our regulatory database, allowing a smarter and easier compliance workflow to be created. The feeds service can be augmented with the API, providing access to the full text of source documents plus other features, without the need to navigate to the Regulatory Intelligence Desktop.

Regulatory Intelligence API

Bring market-leading regulatory information content into your workflow software without the need to set up a data feed service. The API allows more flexible access to Regulatory Intelligence content. Perform horizon scanning and compliance processes with greater efficiency, all with the convenience of staying within your organization’s workflow software.

Save time with seamless, customizable access to regulatory content

  • The API connects directly to Regulatory Intelligence data and analysis. There’s no need to manage data feeds or maintain an FTP site.
  • Get immediate access to newly published regulatory updates.
  • You have control over the content and data that you and your teams utilize.
  • Gain efficiencies by working within one regulatory compliance management solution. Run a search, browse content, and set up feeds and alerts, all within your workflow software.

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Regulatory Intelligence

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