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Westlaw Today, powered by Reuters, provides timely and comprehensive news and exclusive analysis so you can know what happened and why it matters. By bringing together best-in-class legal content and award-winning journalism, you can confidently keep up with the latest developments and reinforce your value to clients.

Only Westlaw Today provides you with:

  • Exclusive news and analysis from Reuters with 150 years of journalistic expertise
  • Full access to all areas of coverage monitored by our team of attorneys and legal editors
  • Editorially-curated alerts to get breaking news, follow your practice area, and track companies

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See the latest news for the day at today.westlaw.com or right from Westlaw. Never miss an update with customizable practice area and company alerts delivered right to your laptop or mobile device.

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Included in every Westlaw Today subscription, get The Daily Docket newsletter delivered to your inbox so you know what to expect today, tomorrow, and over the next week.

Analysis with authority


Westlaw Today provides a matter of fact approach to news with content from a variety of sources, including articles from CQ Roll Call, Wolters Kluwer and more. No other provider has the same analysis and expert sources, including:

  • Reuters with 150 years of award-winning journalistic expertise
  • Practical Law legal practice area updates
  • Daily Briefings written by Westlaw attorneys and subject matter experts
  • Columnists Alison Frankel and Jenna Greene

Our editorial teams consist of dedicated attorneys and legal editors who monitor each practice area. With this level of insight, you can trust your news is accurate and timely.

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Be the first to know with customized alerts delivered right to your mobile device or laptop.

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  • Receive The Daily Docket, a morning briefing with a smart look at the day’s most important legal news

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Know what happened and why it matters with exclusive news and analysis from trusted sources

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Experience all-inclusive comprehensive coverage and analysis across the most popular areas of coverage

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Reuters brings unparalleled integrity in the newsroom, so the news we deliver is honest and accurate

Reuters wins 2020 Silver Gavel Award

This award honors exemplary work in media and the arts that helps to foster the American public’s understanding of law and the legal system

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