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Company Investigator on Westlaw consolidates a wealth of business data to eliminate hours of research while helping you make informed decisions.

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Search over 140 million companies

View business profiles including general corporate information, subsidiary data, legal disputes, and more.

View corporate family trees

Quickly determine business affiliations, then link to business information and expand the relationship display.

Get automatic alerts

Be notified of new data on companies of interest falling under a wide range of business categories.

Create custom reports

Easily compile a report containing the legal intelligence and business information relevant to your review.

Leverage the most powerful business intelligence tool

Business & corporate law attorneys

• Conduct due diligence on M&A targets
• Understand peers and competitors
• Advise clients regarding competition
• Evaluate potential buyers to ensure financial solidity


• Verify relationships between companies and people
• Find a registered agent for service or process
• Determine the proper company or party to name in a complaint
• Evaluate potential buyers to ensure financial solidity
• Determine relationships between companies and key personnel

Business development

• Gather intelligence on companies and potential clients
• Check for conflicts of interest
• Search for potential new clients in specific industries

Company Investigator content also includes

  • FEIN records
  • Private company information
  • Profiles of officers and directors
  • Current stock price and trading data
  • Regulatory filings
  • Criminal records
  • Docket records
  • Worldscope company profiles
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