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Drafting Assistant
training and support

Drafting Assistant is a suite of desktop software that provides tools to draft legal documents. Thomson Reuters customer support provides wide-ranging assistance in helping you download, manage, or upgrade this software purchase.

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Training: 1-800-328-0109

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1-800-733-2889 (1-800-REF-ATTY)

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Drafting Assistant training resources

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    New to Drafting Assistant?  These training resources can be used to help you download Drafting Assistant and learn how to sign on for the first time. 

    Supporting resources

  2. 2

    Drafting from an existing document is a common starting point and best practice.  These resources will demonstrate how tools like PDF converter, Locate Authority, and KeyCite can help you be more efficient when getting started. 

    Supporting Resources

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    Track to see if your document is complete, accurate, and strong with Westlaw Edge Quick Check.  Discover how to extract case language right into your document without having to manually copy and paste.

    Supporting Resources

  5. 5

    Compare your document against similar EDGAR derived documents in a single search to determine if it meets market standard.

    Supporting Resources

  6. 6

    Proofreading a document can be a time-consuming process.  Discover how Deal Proof can catch errors and inconsistencies that are easily missed during manual review.  

    Supporting Resources