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The Department of Justice now has access to Westlaw Edge, the most advanced research engine in the world along with numerous new content sets and features. On this page you can access great training resources, including in-person and live, online trainings.

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Westlaw Edge training resources

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    New to Westlaw Edge? These training resources can be used to help you sign on for the first time. You’ll find information on setting up your username and password, subscription content, and helpful tips to leverage as you begin researching.

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    Finding, reading, analyzing, and interpreting case law can be a time-consuming process. Discover tools and enhancements to help you conduct research efficiently and with greater confidence.

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    Spend more time crafting a winning strategy and less time conducting statutory research. Learn how to efficiently compare prior versions of a statute, review legislative history and research judicial interpretation.

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    The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, which can make it challenging to keep-up-to-date and advise clients on important compliance issues. See how to leverage Westlaw Edge to conduct more efficient regulatory research.

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    Being confident in the accuracy of your legal research is critical. These training resources will demonstrate how to use tools like KeyCite, KeyCite Overruling Risk, and Quick Check to know you’re relying on valid law.

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    Secondary sources can provide a strong starting point for research in an unfamiliar or trending area of the law and can guide you to leading case law. Learn how to take advantage of the largest collection of leading analytical titles.

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    Find out how to use Westlaw Edge to craft a stronger case strategy, understand assigned judges and their citation patterns, gain competitive insight on opponents, and better manage client expectations.

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    Westlaw Edge makes it easy to organize, annotate, and share your research. Learn how to leverage these tools to research more efficiently and collaborate with colleagues.

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    Westlaw Edge makes it easy to customize your research experience to suit your needs. Use these training resources to get information on helpful features such as Favorites, Custom Pages, and Alerts.

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WebEx training

  • Westlaw Edge Fundamentals

    • The Westlaw Edge Fundamentals class will introduce you to the new Edge platform and cover basic navigation and searching, filtering result lists, favorites, KeyCite (including the new KeyCite overruling risk flag), and document level features.

    Drafting Assistant for Paralegals

    • This course will demonstrate some of the core tools available within Drafting Assistant. You will learn how Drafting Assistant can help you efficiently and easily check the KeyCite status of the citations, verify the accuracy of quotations in your document, format citations, insert a table of authorities, and insert Westlaw hyperlinks and/or KeyCite flags directly into your document.

    Drafting Assistant for Attorneys

    • In this class we will cover aspects of Drafting: Locate Authority allows you to quickly find authority for language in your draft document. Locate Authority marks the text in the draft document and searches Westlaw for cases that best fit the text. Deal Proof tool helps you to analyze and review document drafts. Deal Proof flags your document for potential errors, discrepancies, and references made in your document. Locate Precedent analyzes document language on a clause-by-clause basis. By highlighting a clause in an agreement, a user can compare that language against similar clauses in relevant documents.

    Advanced Westlaw

    • The Advanced Westlaw session will discuss the Key Number System and how you can utilize key numbers and headnotes to find authority by topic, type-ahead features such as law summaries, and search suggestions, Snapshots, Related Documents and Selected Topics, and customizing your Westlaw Edge session with Preferences.

    Terms & Connectors

    • This class focuses on more advanced search functions and tools. You will learn how to refine your searching with boolean Terms and Connectors, and Advanced Search templates.

    Statutes & Legislative History

    • In this class, learn how to conduct statutes and legislative history research on Westlaw. We will review how to retrieve statutes by citation, term searches, or a table of contents, and how to find legislative history in relation to statutory research. We will also review additional statutory tools such as historical statutes, the statutes index, and the popular name table.

    Business Law Center

    • The Business Law Center on Westlaw offers you more business sources in one place with the most advanced legal search technology to make your business law research more productive and efficient. In this class, learn about our enhanced search capabilities, and business law content, including LIVEDGAR, precedent examples, M&A content, and more.


    • Research Institute of America (RIA) is a premier collection of treaties covering all aspect of tax law, estate planning and payroll.  In this class learn how to access the collection of RIA treaties.  This class will emphasis the Tax collection including:  The American Federal Tax Reporter which pulls together the related tax code, regulations, and legislative history by code session, and the Federal Tax Coordinator which organizes the code, regulations and legislative history by topic. 

    Medical Litigator

    • In a single search, Medical Litigator on Westlaw brings together the best legal AND medical information related to your specific topic. We will review the breath information included in the medical litigator page including Medline and other medical journals. See how Medical Litigator helps you find information not only the terms you enter, but the medical term, the common name, brand name, and even the compound name. Search results include medical related cases, decisions from the FDA and other medical related agencies, CFR, Federal Register, medical journals and much more.

    Practical Law

    • Practical Law on Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge creates and maintains a wide range of up-to-date, practical resources giving attorneys a better starting point for their legal matters. Practical Law resources include Practice Notes, Standard Documents and Clauses, Checklists and Legal Updates. 

    Statutes & Regulations Compare

    • Easily compare two versions of a statute or federal regulation on Westlaw Edge with Statutes and Regulations Compare.  This 2019 AALL New Product Award winning functionality is available exclusively on Westlaw Edge and allows you to quickly view changes with strike-through and highlighted text. 

    Litigation Analytics

    • In this course you will learn how to use Litigation Analytics to amplify your case strategy, better manage your litigation expectations, understand assigned judges and gain competitive insight on the opposing party. Additionally, we will cover Precedent Analytics which allows you to dive deeper to understand your judge’s citation patterns such as legal issue a judge tends to rely on.

    Public Records and Company Investigator

    • In this course you will learn how to locate records regarding individuals and build a graphical display of the individual to show the person’s connections. We will also cover Company Investigator and how you can use this tool to see corporate family tree structures, determine relationships among corporate entities, set up alerts, and generate reports for information related to the company such as regulatory filings, dockets, bankruptcy records, financial information, criminal records, and much more. 


Personalized telephone training

For fast service and answers to your questions, personalized telephone training is available at your convenience. Call 952-214-5988 or email

You can also call the dedicated DOJ hotline for research assistance at any time: 1-800-386-9378.

In-person training

Meeting with the project group

To arrange for in-person training, or to get answers to account questions, contact your local Government Account Manager or Research Specialist. For assistance in finding your local contact, email or call (202) 340-8541.

National Advocacy Center (NAC) training

For information on research programs offered through the NAC, please refer to the Justice Television Network (JTN) website (DOJ users only), or contact the DOJ via email.

Contact a Reference Attorney

As your dedicated research support team, Reference Attorneys have a deep understanding of how to effectively utilize the latest tools in Westlaw Edge.
Contact a Reference Attorney at any stage of your research and receive focused, strategic guidance, giving your research an edge.

Contact us: 1-800-REF-ATTY (1-800-733-2889)
Available 24/7/365


Westlaw related materials

These documents are password protected.  Please email Matt Amon, Client Manager or Seth Tryninewski, Manager, Government Relations, for the password needed to open these files.

What's New Under CALR5

  • Company Investigator
  • Business Law Center
  • Westlaw Daily Briefings
  • Medical Litigator
  • Litigation History Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Judicial Motions Reports

Westlaw Edge frequently asked questions

  • Once you have received your Westlaw Edge registration key via email, you can either click the Activate Now link from the email or follow these steps:

    • Click Create a new OnePass profile on the Westlaw sign-on page to display the Register a New Profile page
    • Type your Westlaw Edge registration key and your email address in the appropriate text boxes
    • Assign a friendly name to the Westlaw Edge registration key. This is important in case you have more than one Westlaw Edge registration key. A unique friendly name is necessary to identify each research session with the appropriate registration key
    • Click Continue
    • If a OnePass profile is already associated with your email address, you will get a "registration complete" message and can click Return to Westlaw Edge to sign in. Otherwise, enter your username and password to edit/manage your OnePass profile. Type your OnePass username and password and click Sign in to display the OnePass General Settings page.
    • Click Manage Products to display the OnePass Manage Products page
    • Type your Westlaw Edge registration key and a friendly name in the appropriate text boxes and click Save. A message confirming that your Westlaw registration key has been saved is displayed
    • Click Return to Westlaw to begin your research session
  • A OnePass profile is the online record of the username and password you personally select to access Westlaw Edge and other Web-based Thomson Reuters products. Selecting your own username and password strengthens your ability to control secure access, and ensures you are the only person who knows your OnePass username and password. Learn more.

  • To sign on to Westlaw Edge, go to and enter your OnePass username and password.

  • A Client ID is required to sign on to Westlaw Edge and is used to identify your Westlaw Edge sessions. You may find it useful to enter a Client ID that relates to your research.

    You can change the Client ID anytime during a research session. Click the current client ID at the top of any page, then type a new client ID or select a recently used one from the options displayed in the drop down. Then click Change.

  • To access a comprehensive list of content included in your organization's Westlaw Edge subscription, view subscription listed under profile in the top right corner of your homepage. Or, contact customer service at 1-800-328-4880, open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT).

  • Contact your Westlaw representative or client manager, or contact customer service at 1-800-328-4880.

  • Click Explore analytics in the What’s New drop-down at the top of the page, or click on the permanent access link labeled Litigation Analytics on the right side of the homepage.

  • Use the My Account portal to review West Account balances and invoices, make payments, check order status, and request a reshipment or return. You can also manage users' access to Westlaw, Westlaw Edge, Business Law Solutions, Thomson Reuters CLEAR, Practical Law and more.

  • If there is additional content you are interested in adding to your Westlaw Edge plan, contact your sales rep or client manager.

  • Yes. With the newest iOS release on the Westlaw app, you can extend the power and collaboration capabilities of Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge so that research begun in one place can be continued on your mobile device – anytime, anywhere.

  • Supported operating systems

    • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
    • Windows Vista®
    • Mac® OS 10.5 or later

    Internet browser

    • Internet Explorer® 11 or later (Windows only)
    • Mozilla Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version
    • Safari® 10.0 or later
    • Chrome current version
    • Microsoft Edge current version

    Mobile apps

    • iPhone (iOS 9.0 or later, iPhone 4S or later)
    • iPad (iOS 9.0 or later, iPad second generation or later)
    • Android (4.0 or later, Android 4.0 or higher)

    Other requirements

    • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader® 9.0 or later (some print functionality is lost with older versions)
  • The What’s New on Westlaw Edge drop-down can be expanded and collapsed at any time. Simply click on Show more in the top right to display the drop-down, and Show less when it is no longer needed.