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Practical Law training and support

Propel your work with guidance and insight from Thomson Reuters Practical Law™ resources that are created and maintained by experienced attorney-editors. See how you can leverage Practical Law through on-demand short video tutorials and user guides.

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Practical Law training resources

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    New to Practical Law? Access resources to guide you through logging-in for the first time and gain a robust overview of Practical Law.

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    Practical Law resources provide a better starting point and guidance on the process and nuances in an unfamiliar or trending area of the law. Learn how to leverage tools created by expert attorney-editors to help you quickly client questions, set and manage client expectations, and reduce the risk of missing an important step in your work.

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    Being confident in the accuracy and thoroughness of the agreements you draft is crucial. These training resources will demonstrate how to use Practical Law resources like Standard Documents, Matter Maps, What’s Market, Automated Documents and other maintained resources to know you’re practicing with knowledge of the latest legal requirements, following market trends, and gaining efficiencies as you manage your workload. 

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    The legal landscape is constantly evolving, which can make it challenging to keep-up-to-date and advise clients on important issues and process. See how to leverage Practical Law to feel confident you’re on-top of your game and deliver additional value to clients or internal business partners

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    Use Practical Law Matter Maps, Court Filing Checklists and Brief Bank to manage client expectations and to ensure you’re meeting the formatting requirements of the courts and jurisdictions in which you practice.

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    Practical Law provides resources to deepen relationships with existing clients and to acquire new clients. Utilize resource collections, presentation materials and toolkits to quickly and efficiently service current clients and proactively develop new business. 

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    Practical Law makes it easy to organize, annotate, and share resources. Learn how to leverage these tools to efficiently collaborate with colleagues.

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