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Westlaw Edge Webinars

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  • Gain an Edge! Westlaw Edge Research Fundamentals

    This fast-paced webinar is designed for legal professionals who want to learn about the advantages that Westlaw Edge can offer in everyday practice.

    Topics include:

    • Gaining a strategic advantage with Litigation Analytics
    • Identifying potential weaknesses in an opponent’s brief using Quick Check
    • Understanding key differences in statutes and regulations with Statutes Compare & Regulations Compare
    • Mitigating the risk of citing outdated law by gaining insight into case law that has been implicitly overruled with KeyCite Overruling Risk
  • Cure Your Legal Writing FOMO with Quick Check

    Do you often wonder if you’ve uncovered the best legal authority? Are you ever worried you’ve left a research stone unturned as you go to write a reply brief? Draft stronger briefs and feel confident you’ve found key precedent by learning how to effectively use Westlaw Edge Quick Check throughout your drafting process. 

    Topics include:

    • How to leverage the cutting-edge AI within Quick Check to make sure you haven’t missed anything important in your legal research
    • Using Quick Check to identify potential weaknesses in your opponent’s work or to find relevant law that they chose not to cite
  • Learn How to Develop a Better Case Strategy Using Data Driven Insights

    Litigation Analytics is one of the most powerful tools on Westlaw Edge, but with so many use cases for this data, where do you start? 

    Topics include:

    • Leveraging Litigation Analytics in your everyday practice
    • Relying on data to strengthen your motion strategy and set client expectations
    • Uncovering information on an opposing firm or counsel’s experience and previous litigation strategy