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Document automation


Automate your document drafting and master your law practice

The premier document assembly software

ProDoc is a document drafting system that helps lawyers and legal professionals save valuable time by decreasing paperwork and increasing accuracy.

You will save many hours of valuable time each week with our easy-to-use document assembly products. These include our Texas-, California-, and Florida-specific systems, along with the special-purpose PowerPacks and Small Office Suite (SOS) practice management software.

Time is money, so paring down your workload every day by using an efficient document assembly software makes law firms more productive and profitable. Our flexible subscription options for both ProDoc and Form Builder make it easy to choose what’s best for your practice. Plus, with a full-time staff of attorneys dedicated to keeping all forms up to date, you won’t have to worry about the accuracy of your work.

Produce better documents with less time and effort

Attorneys spend an inordinate amount of time creating legal documents. To become more efficient, you must attack the one task that consumes more hours than any other in your office: document assembly. And, spending less time on paperwork equates to providing better service to your clients.

Save time

Generate even the most complex documents in minutes instead of hours

Decrease workload

Multiply your efforts with 80-90% of the paperwork completed for you

Increase efficiency

Deliver better, more accurate results with less time spent on tedious tasks

Start reaping the benefits of working less and accomplishing more

Many attorneys believe the only ways to handle a bigger case load are either to increase the number of hours worked or hire more staff. But, instead of working longer days, you could start working more efficiently. And the solution is a powerful document assembly program.

Time-saving technology

The process of generating legal documents is the single most time-consuming process in a law firm. But, with a starting point on every draft—even the most complex documents—ProDoc allows you to drastically slash the amount of time spent on each draft. This software enables you to virtually multiply the hours you and your staff have so you can move on to other tasks.

Reduce paperwork

Because ProDoc offers a starting point on all legal documents, you’ll produce better documents in less than half the time. The time saved on paperwork allows you the freedom to focus more completely on each client’s legal issues. You could even boost your case load—without having to hire more staff.

Boost accuracy

Document automation across entire areas of law has never been easier, faster, or more efficient. We have more than 20 full-time staff attorneys just to handle the complex process of keeping legal updates published on all our forms, so you can rest assured you’re working with the most accurate information available.

Experience ProDoc

Leverage the power of a document assembly software that offers ease of use, accurate and current law, and efficient legal support