AI-powered Document Intelligence for energy law 

Reduce the time and expense of energy contract drafting, management and review with AI-powered Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence. Experienced subject matter experts with deep energy knowledge trained cutting-edge AI to helps you accelerate drafting and review.

Use AI to uncover what matters in client documents

Accelerate energy document drafting and review

Provide more value by locating critical business information faster to advise your client sooner

Differentiate & modernize your firm

Stand out from the crowd by highlighting your industry-specific expertise and technology adoption with AI trained to recognize over 1,000 contractual elements out-of-the-box

Expose risks & new insights

Issue-spot and find non-standard or missing language faster so you can strategically advise and protect clients with deeper intelligence into risks, liabilities, and opportunities

Increase confidence and productivity

Document Intelligence’s AI technology comes pre-trained by experienced Thomson Reuters Practical Law editors and energy experts

Manage industry complexity & differentiate your energy practice

Energy practitioners are facing increasing challenge due to both the industry’s rapid growth and a complex regulatory landscape. As a result, energy documents may need to be drafted and reviewed faster, without the practitioner being given more time. Specifically designed for energy practice groups and trained to recognize over 1,000 energy-specific contract terms, our AI enables practitioners to efficiently access, understand, and advise on the critical information in their client’s governing documents. The increase in productivity and accuracy is mutually beneficial for the practitioner and client.

Reduce unbillable hours and increase client expectations

Spend less time on tedious tasks so you can advise your budget-conscious clients faster during transactional due diligence, regulatory counseling, class actions, and litigation responses. This AI technology is trusted by 75+ energy corporations, and recognizes thousands of provisions out-of-the-box across agreements, including leases, MSAs, JV agreements, and so much more. With Document Intelligence, your law firm will be able to meet demanding client expectations and offer more comprehensive services faster without increasing risk.

Accelerate document review. In three clicks, your team can find:

  • Continuous drilling obligations
  • Offset obligations
  • Pugh clauses
  • Surface rights & obligations
  • Multi-line rights & restrictions
  • Royalties
  • Consent to assign requirements
  • Production guarantees
  • Commercial Operation Date
  • O&M requirements
  • Tax payments
  • Renewable energy credits
  • Curtailment
  • Payment terms
  • Decommissioning

Experience energy-specific AI that works on day one

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