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Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions for unemployment insurance

Unemployment agencies need solutions that can provide financial relief to citizens in need and illuminate the criminal networks that are responsible for billions of dollars in pandemic-related fraud.

Prevent fraud, detect anomalies, streamline investigations, and recover funds

Ensure your agency has the right resources to stop fraud and overpayments, while prioritizing your backlog of claims so you can quickly get payments to legitimate claimants and investigate high-risk claims further. Keep your community moving forward with Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR and Pondera risk solutions.

Detect potential fraudulent claimants

With CLEAR ID Confirm, teams can identify deceased or synthetic identities, as well as fictitious employers and businesses. Identify any risk associated with the subject you are investigating, such as deaths, redundant SSNs, OFAC listings, and businesses tied to the same FEIN.

Prioritize investigation based on high-risk indicators

Thomson Reuters ID Risk Analytics equips your team with a holistic, prioritized view of identity-based risk within your program by combining your agency data with identity verification and behavioral analytics— all in an intuitive dashboard.

Detect sophisticated fraud with an integrated solution

Detect fraudulent behavior with confidence

Thomson Reuters Fraud Detect combines your agency data with Thomson Reuters CLEAR data to enable detailed analyses that provides investigation-ready leads with risk scoring, intuitive analytics, and a comprehensive view of program participants. Simplify your process by importing legacy case data from Fraud Detect or other sources to assign and route cases through your resolution process using Case Tracking.

Access actionable data to help recover funds

Uncover billions of dollars of pandemic-related fraud through prosecution target packages that utilize Thomson Reuters unemployment fraud subject matter experts and data science to help you uncover criminal networks buried layers deep within your agency data. Thomson Reuters Fraud Recovery Services and technology help you parse through mountains of agency data to provide high-value prosecutor reports, helping to move you towards recovering dollars and stopping the worst criminal networks.

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