Practical Law for Libraries

You know who said that? Albert “Library Enthusiast” Einstein. And who’s really out there arguing with Einstein? Libraries are veritable treasure troves of knowledge, carefully collected and organized with the sole purpose of making that knowledge accessible to the community. We know that librarians want to ensure that your community members and patrons can access the information they need in an efficient and clear manner. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Many library patrons come through your doors looking for information on complicated topics or processes like litigation, starting a small business, or understanding a contract. The resources of the past are often full of legal jargon and concepts that can throw even a licensed attorney through a loop. This, in turn, can lead patrons to seek that knowledge elsewhere. Decreasing traffic remains a top concern among libraries across the country and makes it difficult to justify budgets or request increases. This is where Practical Law can help.

Pro se litigant resources

Being involved in litigation can be overwhelming and, quite frankly, terrifying. Many pro se litigants turn to libraries in their time of need, searching for everything from filing an initial complaint to responding to motions or drafting an appeal. And as any law student or lawyer can tell you, this is not straightforward or easy research. So, how can you provide for the needs of the pro se litigant while ensuring that they can use and understand the materials?

Practical Law contains hundreds of documents and templates to help pro se litigants get the answers they need quickly. Rather than slogging through legalese and complicated secondary sources, Practical Law users can leverage Practice Notes, which provide plain-language explanations of the law in an organized and digestible way. From commencing a lawsuit or filing a motion to understanding judgments and orders, the team of Practical Law expert attorney-editors have paved the way for pro se litigants to feel more confident in the legal process.

Practical Law also contains up-to-date Standard Documents that give users a starting point or template for drafting and filing documents with the court. These documents are the creation of a team of lawyers who have been in practice for a minimum of ten years, ensuring that the pro se litigant can confidently rely on the content and gain clarity into the litigation process. Fear and confusion can be a thing of the past with the help of Practical Law.

Small business resources

Librarians are experts at recommending and locating information on any topic. When it comes to resources on starting or running a small business, where do you turn? Starting and maintaining a business is a complicated and multi-faceted task that can be confusing to those who are new to the process. What if you could point patrons to a one-stop-shop for all their small business questions?

Luckily, Practical Law has you covered there as well. With resources on topics from initial startup, management, and even dissolution, Practical Law provides the guidance a small business owner needs to feel confident about their business. Aside from the 12 distinct topic categories for running a business, Practical Law also equips users with a Start Up Company toolkit, full of Practice Notes for guidance, template agreements and policies, and even on-demand educational webinars.

Increase library traffic and revamp your offerings

We know that library traffic has drastically decreased as a result of COVID-19 and social distancing measures. Libraries across the country have seen closures, reduced hours of operation, and fewer patrons accessing library services. As the world prepares to open its doors again, it’s important to provide libraries — one of the last remaining free spaces for public information — with the tools they need to adjust to changing expectations and increased demand.

Practical Law and its robust content set can help you increase traffic by offering patrons a wide array of easily accessible information, quickly. Because the platform is meticulously maintained by a team of expert attorney editors, you won’t have to worry about purchasing updated materials or duplicating resources that may have previously been acquired as hard copies. Additionally, more online resources mean libraries can maintain relevance, keep up to date on the latest in information technology, and provide a greater level of convenience for patrons.

Get the support you need

We know 2020 was tough on libraries, but Practical Law is here to help. To learn more about how Practical Law can go to work for you, click below to receive a no-obligation trial access.

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