Legal Tracker Advanced features

Bringing the power of industry-leading AI capabilities and insights to legal spend management 

Legal Tracker Advanced expands on Tracker's proven ability to save you time and money, empowering you and your team to gain an in-depth understanding of rate management and take action on legal spend

Legal spend solutions

Gain insight into your team's spend and identify savings opportunities across your portfolio.

Automated rate management

Use real-time dashboards and automation tools with stronger internal and external benchmarking to quickly see the impact of proposed rate increases; confidently assess market trends; role play rate increase scenarios across timekeepers; set auto-accept and reject parameters; and account for factors such as inflation, rate freezes, and volume discounts.

Advanced AI

Refine your legal department’s invoice review process and unlock increased savings with the power of artificial intelligence. Generative AI-powered natural-language processing and advanced multi-language models can simplify internal workflows and unlock your team’s expertise.

Timekeeper rate review 

Enhanced workflow tools empower you to benchmark your legal spend against industry, historical, and activity data. Quickly analyze rate increase history by timekeeper and firm, implement data-driven rules for task automation, negotiate rate increases, and communicate with outside counsel in product.

Reporting and analytics 

Access aggregated data from 1,800 law departments and 120,000 law firms worldwide and compare your legal spend and risk data against similar departments. Drill down and sort data by industry, spend, department, company size, specific types of work, metro area, classification, or law firm performance by substantive law.

Better data, better insights, and better results with Legal Tracker Advanced

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Next-level efficiency

Easily submit requests, compare and assess firms, better predict costs, automate processes, and negotiate confidently with intuitive firm selection and legal matter pricing powered by data.

Matter pricing and RFP

Automated workflows empower corporate legal departments to intelligently find the right firm at the right price for each legal matter, benefitting from a targeted, competitive, and objective firm selection process. Without leaving Legal Tracker Advanced, save money with proactive, informed firm negotiations; secure the optimal price for a legal matter; and drive superior outside counsel performance.

Electronic billing 

Searchable e-billing system eliminates paper approvals and automates currency conversion, timekeeper rate enforcement, expense compliance, and alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). Set spending alerts by time, matter, or phase. Separate tracking of foreign and domestic taxes simplifies recordkeeping.

Matter management 

Instant access to a repository of all legal matters, combined with the tools and data needed to demonstrate your department's value against outside counsel. Customizable automation aids matter entry and updates, while intuitive controls and search filtering make it easy to upload and sort documents.

Save money with a proactive, data-driven approach to matter pricing and firm selection with Legal Tracker Advanced

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