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Virtual data rooms 

The due diligence process is highly complex and can create errors and stress for everyone involved if it is not conducted correctly. Virtual data rooms (VDRs) have proven to make the extensive process more intelligent, collaborative, and efficient.

Quickly and securely exchange critical transactional information

During the due diligence process, lawyers are tasked with storing, sharing, and understanding vast amounts of transaction data. Manually shifting through large piles of documents creates the opportunity for overlooking vital information and losing time spent on repetitive tasks, including syncing data and tracking project status.

Law firms can simplify the due diligence process by implementing VDRs to create time-saving, transparent, and secure collaboration across all parties involved. Virtual data rooms from Thomson Reuters provide law firms with automated document assembly, AI-powered document reviews, and project management tools to save time with the due diligence process while maintaining accuracy and consistency.

With Thomson Reuters solutions, law firms can create secure online spaces to share important transactional information to ensure all parties have complete transparency.

Simplify your deal process

Manage all relevant deal data in one place with Thomson Reuters.

Superior client experience

Without a single repository of all related documents providing visibility into project status, budgeting, and resources, teams will experience inefficient internal and external collaboration.

Achieve a seamless, transparent, and secure collaboration across all internal and external teams with one online portal that provides access to all deal information for a superior customer experience. 

Time savings and administrative task reduction

Many manual and time-consuming tasks are associated with setting up VDRs and managing deal documents that detract from other priorities.

Quickly and easily set up secure VDRs with project management tools that help manage documents at every stage of the deal process, reducing administrative tasks and saving time to focus on more significant priorities. 

Risk management

Manually reviewing documents makes it challenging for attorneys to identify vital clauses or information, consistently generate accurate outputs, and properly track risks.

Leverage AI-powered data extraction and automated document assembly to cut down document review time and reduce the risk of missing information.  

Manage all relevant deal data in one place

Law firms can securely exchange critical transactional information with internal and external teams for a simplified and seamless experience.

Featured insights on VDRs

See how VDR tools can help your firm close deals faster.

Keep all parties in the loop by securely sharing critical deal information

We built a solution that allows all parties involved in the deal to access documentation associated with the transfer of the properties.

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