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Bankruptcy Practice Accelerator

Practical legal know-how meets workflow automation

Meet client needs with knowledge and ability

The world is changing at a rapid pace and in a complex way. In bankruptcy law, especially debtor-side representation and Chapter 11 matters, the ability to adjust quickly to a rising tide of new matters is paramount. Your clients depend on you to be able to support their ever-changing needs, have knowledge of bankruptcy law, and manage the work effectively with a growing docket of cases.

Legal know-how + workflow automation

Thomson Reuters Bankruptcy Practice Accelerator combines HighQ’s collaboration features with bankruptcy content from Practical Law to better enable your attorneys to scale your business quickly, provide top-quality legal advice, and maintain billed realization rates.


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Learn how this template solution combines practical legal know-how with automated matter workflows to improve efficiencies and expertise at your firm.

Reasons to use Bankruptcy Practice Accelerator

Combined Efficiencies

Meet your clients’ growing bankruptcy needs by effectively managing resources and caseloads using a well-developed starting point with built-in key data points, matter phases, and milestones.

Dynamic Matter Maps

Use a pre-populated roadmap of tasks needed to complete Chapter 11 matters from the time a partner meets with a prospective customer to the filing of first day motions.


Share key dates including upcoming client meetings, deadlines, and court dates with the ability to sync back to your Microsoft® Outlook or another third-party calendar application to manage all events from within one calendar.

Document Management

Utilize a secure central depository where documents, tasks, debtor information, and court filings can be stored, shared, collaborated on, and tracked.

Matter Insights

View important matter information in an aggregated and streamlined way with customizable data visualization tools including team progress on assigned tasks and debtor-related information.


Assemble, classify, and organize relevant data around creditor liabilities, executory contracts and leases, preference exposure, insurance programs and cash management systems, and utilities.

Onboarding and reskilling

Easily train junior associates and attorneys joining from other practice areas using cutting-edge Practical Law resources and firm precedents that provide the knowledge needed to complete those tasks.


Choose what you want to share with clients, financial advisors, claims agents, team members, and other parties with the ability to set granular permission levels, limiting what is shared with whom.

Curated Practical Law content

Access world-class Practical Law, Chapter 11 relevant content linked to every step of the workflow including checklists, standard documents, and practice notes.

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