Westlaw Precision

Harness the power of generative AI

Minimize time spent sifting through search results and discover a more precise way to research with Westlaw Precision

Discover unparalleled speed and accuracy

Jumpstart your research

Get relevant answers to your legal research questions with AI-Assisted Research. Verify the results using links to trusted Westlaw authority so you can make better-informed decisions and complete the remainder of your research more efficiently.

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Pinpoint what matters most

Discover a more efficient way to find legally and factually similar cases. Run a search that gathers all the potentially relevant cases, then filter your results by legal issue, fact pattern, motion type, outcome, and more.

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Quickly uncover related cases

View cases that have a pattern of being cited together, even if neither cites the other. KeyCite Cited With makes it easier to find connections between cases and identify changes in how the law has developed.

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Additional tools to meet your research needs

KeyCite Overruled in Part

Easily identify the specific point of law in a case that has been invalidated so that other valid points of law aren’t missed.

Graphical View of History

Save significant time retracing your steps with the ability to see a graphical view of your research flow.

Outline Builder

Minimize disruption to your workflow with the ability to build outlines directly within Westlaw Precision.

The value of Westlaw Precision

Elevate your research to a new level

Discover a more efficient way to conduct research with tools that deliver generative AI, more precise researching, expanded KeyCite functionality, and optimized workflow capabilities.

Experience dramatic speed and quality improvements

*Results based on 101 attorneys researching with Westlaw Precision vs. traditional methods

Over 2x as fast 

Users found relevant cases over twice as fast compared to traditional research methods.

Unparalleled speed 

Ninety-seven percent of attorneys reported Westlaw Precision helped them get to important cases faster.

Greater quality 

Ninety percent of attorneys said they found cases they might not have otherwise found.

“The ability to both type a question, get an answer, and have all the supporting resources right underneath that answer, to make sure the answer AI-Assisted Research is generating is supported by case law that is already within the Westlaw database is very important. And I think it’s proven to be a very effective and accurate way to get answers to complex legal questions.

Andrew Bedigian, Counsel
Larson LLP

“There is a major difference in the libraries that Westlaw has versus any other program. There is no other program that has the secondary sources, the court orders, the appellate documents, the primary sources — everything that Westlaw offers, you have the citations and there’s a source of truth from where the information comes from.

Jesse Guth, Attorney
Guth Law Office