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Westlaw Precision

The fastest way to find what you need

New capabilities deliver advanced speed and accuracy, providing you with greater confidence in your research.

Speed meets precision

Surface on-point cases faster and more reliably than has ever been possible before

Time-saving tools

Enhance your workflow with tools that minimize disruption to your research

KeyCite enhancements

Trust your research is accurate and complete with expanded KeyCite functionality

Technological innovation

Leverage AI-powered tools to be more strategic and uncover fresh insights

Discover unparalleled speed and accuracy

Precision Research

Pinpoint what matters most

Now you can find legally and factually similar cases with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Run a search that gathers all the potentially relevant cases, then filter your results by legal issue, fact pattern, motion type, outcome, and more.

Outline Builder

Seamlessly build outlines

Minimize disruption to your workflow with the ability to build outlines directly within Westlaw Precision. Open Outline Builder side-by-side with a document while researching to drag and drop important text or citations directly into your outline.

KeyCite Cited With

Quickly uncover related cases

View cases that have a pattern of being cited together, even if neither cites the other. KeyCite Cited With makes it easier to find connections between cases and identify changes in how the law has developed.

Additional tools

KeyCite Overruled in Part

Easily identify the specific point of law in a case that has been invalidated so that other valid points of law aren’t missed.

Graphical View of History

Save significant time retracing your steps with the ability to see a graphical view of your research flow.

Keep List/Hide Details

Save potentially useful cases and hide cases you don't want to inadvertently re-review. Selections persist across multiple searches to make your research even more efficient.

Quick Check

Upload a document - yours or an opponent’s - to view a report with recommendations for additional relevant authority, warnings for cited authority, and an analysis of case quotations.

Litigation Analytics

View relevant data-driven insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types, so you can better manage client expectations and build the strongest case strategy.

KeyCite Overruling Risk

Quickly determine when a point of law has been implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision.

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“With Westlaw Precision, what we are hearing from our attorneys is that they are able to still get that same quality answer, same quality response, the same strategic direction that they need to provide to their clients, but in half the time.”

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