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Save valuable time with CoCounsel Drafting 

Overcome drafting challenges and elevate your process right within Microsoft Word using professional-grade generative AI, securely built on the world's leading legal content and expertise

Increase your productivity with AI-enabled drafting tools

GenAI for legal professionals

Get back to the strategic work that matters most with CoCounsel, a chat-based, professional-grade generative AI (GenAI) assistant that makes quick work of routine tasks, information analysis, and delivering answers.

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Find the best starting point

Avoid wasting time looking for documents and get off to a fast start by searching across your own repositories to quickly locate past documents that are relevant to your current drafting needs. Enhance your options with templates and documents from Practical Law Automated Documents and Contract Express.

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Find the clause you need without leaving Microsoft Word

Spend less time searching for the right clause with Clause Finder, a tool providing quick access to market and gold-standard clauses for your contracts and agreements. Search by agreement and clause type to easily locate relevant language from sources you trust, like Practical Law, SEC agreements, and your own repository of contract documents — all without leaving Microsoft Word.

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Create contract drafting consistency with legal playbooks

Easily deploy preferred terms, required clause language, and negotiation guidance to be used throughout your organization. Confidently draft documents, knowing they align with professional guidance and Practical Law playbooks.

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Find the best CoCounsel Drafting solution for your legal organization

Law firm

Use generative AI in your drafting workflow to increase productivity and spend less time on manual tasks. Quickly detect changes, finalize documents, and surface only the most relevant data so you can focus on what matters most.

Corporate legal department

All your drafting in one place. Use generative AI to search across your own content to find a starting point and deploy Practical Law playbooks and deviation detection to mange the review process.

Government attorneys

Get through matters faster using one generative AI drafting solution. Search your own content to find a starting point, modify clause language, and reduce formatting errors with ease to finalize documents quicker and more efficiently.

The value of CoCounsel Drafting

A generative AI legal drafting assistant at your fingertips

Access CoCounsel Drafting directly where you work: in Microsoft Word. This secure, end-to-end drafting solution combines professional-grade generative AI with trusted Practical Law content, helping legal professionals save time without sacrificing data privacy or accuracy. Less time spent on drafting means more time for strategic work.

Frequently asked questions

Is any customer data used to train third-party AI models?

Thomson Reuters does not permit third-party AI models to retain or train on customer data. We have robust policies and standards to govern data and AI strategies, with dedicated programs to ensure the quality and proper use of AI and large-language models (LLM) within the organization. We've adopted a set of AI and ethics principles, which are available on our AI @ Thomson Reuters website. 

What data does the AI utilize during its training process to mitigate hallucinations or errors?

CoCounsel Drafting employs a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) approach, curating AI models from Practical Law content sets. Responses include source citations that enhance transparency and allow users to easily verify the underlying language supporting them. We strongly recommend that customers validate all responses.

What security is in place when working with third-party generative AI vendors?

We currently access the underlying AI model through Microsoft Azure North American-based servers and through a zero-retention API that entitles CoCounsel Drafting customers to the most advanced data security controls that Microsoft makes available. 

Are contractual controls in place with third-party service providers to protect customer data?

Thomson Reuters providers have contractual controls that explicitly prohibit large-language model providers from retaining or using our data to train their models.