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Conduct more precise research and get up to speed on daily tasks with tools that help you:

  • Identify information faster and more accurately than ever before
  • Save time performing due diligence and legal research
  • Stay up to date with resources created and maintained by full-time, experienced attorney-editors

Legal research technology

Manage legal research with confidence, identify and integrate knowledge faster, and track workflows confidently and efficiently.

Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel

Feel confident your research is accurate and complete while finishing your work faster than ever before. Get a jumpstart on your research with generative AI, find cases faster with more precise search technology, and know you are relying on good law with expanded KeyCite functionality.

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Due diligence

Save time performing due diligence and legal research from a single, integrated platform.

Company Investigator

Search over 305 million private and public business records. Eliminate hours of research, discover unknown connections, and make informed decisions with this consolidated wealth of data.

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Anywhere access to reference books

Consult trusted reference e-books on your smartphone or laptop for efficient legal research.


Access trusted law eBooks on a professional eReader that is built for attorneys by attorneys. Available to read on smartphones and laptop whenever you need them.

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