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The reliable, comprehensive view of private and public companies, right where you need it
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Faster and more accessible business intelligence software

Company Investigator on Westlaw consolidates a wealth of business data to eliminate hours of research while helping you make informed decisions.

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Search over 140 million U.S. and international public and private companies

View business profiles including general corporate information, subsidiary data, legal disputes, secretary of state filings, regulatory filings, and material agreements.


Get graphical views of corporate family trees

Quickly determine business affiliations, then link to business information and expand the relationship display for further review.

Stay notified with flexible alerts

Set up automatic notifications of new data on companies of interest falling under a wide range of business categories.


Search over 140 million companies

View corporate family trees

Get automatic alerts

Create custom reports


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See Company Investigator for yourself

See how Company Investigator's wealth of business data can eliminate hours of research and help you to make informed decisions

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