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PeopleMap on Westlaw

Locate people and find critical information about their connections, assets, and more

Find people, assets, and hidden connections faster

PeopleMap on Thomson Reuters Westlaw is the premier public records search tool for discovering data other resources might miss. With access to billions of public records from proprietary and trusted sources, including numerous live gateways, you can confidently get the job done faster and more accurately.

Fully-integrated into Westlaw, PeopleMap allows you to conduct legal due diligence and legal research in one place — saving you time and money.

How can PeopleMap help you?

Know your parties

Understand the risks during client intake and get to know defendants, witnesses, and experts by accessing adverse records and social media content.

Locating parties

Find current and accurate addresses and phone numbers, sourced from the top credit bureaus, utility companies, vehicle registrations, and more.

Witness research

Determine if witnesses are credible by searching across criminal records, social media, news, and more.

Finding assets

Discover ownership of real property records, vehicles, and watercraft.

Problem-solving features

Add speed and efficiency to your research

Avoid paying for multiple services and using unreliable sources. Stick to one platform for your legal and public records research.


Discover hidden connections

Throw away the thumbtack and string and see at a glance how people, assets, and businesses are related. 

Organize results according to your needs

Whether you need a fully-comprehensive report, or just contact information — PeopleMap allows you to easily re-order report sections or simply remove them.

The power of PeopleMap in the words of our customers


PeopleMap on Thomson Reuters Westlaw: Pryor Cashman Customer Testimonial

The public record search with PeopleMap is really great. I use it both in advocating for my client to defend them, and also on the offense with the adversary. That's a really helpful tool.
Paul Fotovat
Associate, Pryor Cashman LLP

Thomson Reuters has this great PeopleMap software that provided amazing results. We were able to take (wrongfully incarcerated individuals’) last-known contact information ... to reach out and help them receive their rightfully earned tax returns.
Carlyle Bruemmer
Associate, Reed Smith LLP

We often use PeopleMap to locate an opposing party, especially in divorce and custody cases. Many times we find the other party has left the state and PeopleMap has been instrumental in helping us locate a party who may have absconded with the children.
Small law firm customer

Being able to get current information on the people we are trying to locate is very important, and the information obtained by using PeopleMap is extremely helpful.
Sandra Khan
Baker McEvoy Morrissey & Moscovits
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