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What's new on PeopleMap

Latest product advancements driven by customer demand

Product spotlight

Real-time incarceration and arrest records

Covering 40 states and D.C, real-time incarceration and arrest records from PeopleMap delivers current information on incarcerated individuals. Determine when the arrest occurred, the arresting/booking/holding agency, the charge description, and many more data points relating to the arrest and the individual. 

More added features

Bank account header records

Sourced from financial institutions, these records provide identifying information such as names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers on over 550 million individuals. Financial records are not included.

Risk flags tab

Reveals whether individuals have arrest/criminal records, bankruptcies, sanctions, or other risky indicators right up front.

Global sanctions

This content includes information relating to sanctions against organizations and individuals. Records can include name, DOB, place of birth, sanction issuer, sanction details, and more.

Marijuana-related businesses

Includes licensing information on approximately 15,000 businesses and 33,000 individuals in the cannabis industry. MRB will reveal detail around business type (e.g. dispensary; manufacturer) and if individuals are associated (e.g. owner; investor).

Associate analytics

Quickly determine whether an individual’s associates have criminal records, arrest records, bankruptcies, and/or are on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list. Results are presented in a chart format.

Motor vehicle service data

Vehicles need fixing and pertinent data is collected at body shops. Find VINs, vehicle year/make/model, phones, addresses, and the name of the individual who brought the vehicle in.

We were having a particularly difficult time getting service on a slippery defendant, and PeopleMap was able to find his sister’s address. Our process server found him there within a week.

Enhanced search capabilities

Adverse records

Search option for “last 10 years” added. Allows you to further specify the time period that needs researching across criminal records, lawsuits, liens & judgments, bankruptcies, and UCC filings. Other time period selections already exist.

DMV records

Additional functionality added which increases the chance that motor vehicle registration records are found for individuals.

Increased coverage

In addition to the thousands of jurisdictions already covered, we have added numerous jurisdictions for real property records, professional licenses, criminal records, and more.

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